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Hello, Everyone.

I have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I am 43 years old. I have osteopenia in my spine, but osteoporosis in both hips. Does anyone else have it just in their hips? Does anyone know good exercises to build bone particularly in the hips? The doctor wants me to treat it aggressively and go on Forteo, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to go, particularly since I've read that Forteo builds bone in the spine, but is has little effects on BMD in the hips.

Aside from the black box warning and side effects of Forteo, I would also have to have a plan for after Forteo. I would have to go on a biphosphenate after the 2 years of treatment and it seems many/most have blood clots as a possible side effect. I know Evista does in the deep veins, but I thought most others did as well. The doc tells me no, just Evista. Does anyone know which is true? It's hugely important since I have a family history of fatal blood clots.

I have been reading on here about strontium, EZORB and vitamin K2, but don't know enough about any of them yet to know if I should try any of them. I am very concerned about having osteo in my hips and all that could entail. It is imperative to strengthen my bones before menopause, but I am not sure what to do. I have 3 young children to keep up with, my youngest being 5, so I cannot have old lady bones or have to be careful about everything I do.

I would like to hear any advice on exercise, supplements, drugs, etc., that anyone wants to offer, and I'd also like to know if anyone else has osteo just in their hips. From what I've read, it seems most people tend to have lower scores in their spine than their hips, not vice versa like me.

Thank you!
Thank you for the advice/responses! I have 3 books from the library to read, including the osteoporosis myth one. I had not heard about strontium or K2 until coming to this board, or EZORB, so not familiar with any of that. I was diagnosed with osteopenia 3 years ago, but was told that if I have periods I have estrogen, take calcium and don't worry about it. I wanted to be more proactive than that and have the doc consider putting me on a bone-retaining drug then, but was told again not to worry about it. Normally I would've researched and pushed, but my dad was dying at the time and my siblings and I were his full-time caregivers taking shifts every 2-3 days, which was nearly a 200-mile round trip for me every couple of days, so all my focus and energy went there.

So for 3 years I have taken 1800 mg of calcium carbonate per day plus vitamin D and magnesium.

I cannot remember what my T-scores were at that time, and my recent DEXA was on a different machine, so not sure if comparison would really matter that much.

I just got the T-scores in the mail today. My lumbar spine is -1.77, left hip is -2.57, and right hip -2.16, so I have osteopenia in my spine and right hip according to the report and osteoporosis in my left hip, not both hips as I was told. I'm not sure this warrants Forteo, though I am meeting with the Forteo nurse on Friday for more information. I have been reading on it and have found several places that have said it is good for building bone in spine, but has little effect on hips. So I am wondering how many people have had improvement in their hips with it.

At this point, I am leaning toward maybe trying the EZORB and want to find out more about the K2 and strontium. And though I have 3 kids, I am really a fairly sedentary person because I work at a desk all day and have had knee problems since age 12. So all the things I have done all these years to protect my knees are the exact opposite of things I should've been doing to protect my bones, but I didn't know/realize that.

So I am considering maybe trying some of these supplements people have mentioned here, in addition to starting a weight/strength training program and forcing myself to exercise and be more active. Then get another scan in a year and if it's no better or has gotten worse, then consider the Forteo (and hopefully the patch will be available by then!).

I don't know what are the best brands of these supplements or where to get them, or the best exercises for strengthening hip bones. I'm trying to research everything I can, but have been distracted because my 10-year-old son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease last week right after I got the osteoporosis diagnosis, so all my focus has been on researching that and the latest treatments, trying to get his medication adjusted so he can get back in school, etc. It's been a stressful start to the new year!

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