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Hi Ruthie: Sorry, I'm a true ancronym lover, so I use them a lot. Ca is Calcium:) Your next question is tough to answer since no one, seems to know why my calcium is slightly elevated. I'm on forteo, because I was dx'd (diagnosed);) with severe osteoporosis (-3.6) in the spine, 4 years ago. Well I actually knew I had osteoporosis in my early 30's (early meno) but I didn't have a dxa until years later, and I wasn't on any estrogen so I suffered bone loss from that, or so I'm told. My grandmother also had severe osteoporosis with the dowagers hump, and lost height so I have a family history of it. On top of those things I was in a bad car accident in the late 70's and fractured my spine. I've had 7 spinal fusion/laminectomies, and 6 of those surgeries were failures from non unions (of the fusion) along with cracks and seperations in the bone they used to fuse the spine. At the time they didn't know why all my surgeries kept failing, and only knew they had to redo them to prevent paralysis. Anyway this is a really long story, but the good news is the last surgery is holding (rods/screws/bone) but I have chronic pain from many degenerative spinal probs. Two of the surgeries failed because the hardware fell out, so I guess I know why, my bone just won't hold anything. I'm fused from L1-S1, and hope there are no more surgeries in my future. I'm dealing with a neck problem now (5 bulging discs), and going to PT 3 times a week, which is helping my range of motion. One thing I want to add, is that I've always taken vitamins-mega doses-from a very early age due to my mothers influence on health and diet. Even though I did all this and was constantly involved in recreational and team sports, I still got osteo. I think the biggest mistake was that I, and Drs wouldn't supplement me with HRT when I first went through meno.

Back to the calcium, I take forteo (daily shot of parathyroid hormone) which can cause an elevation in calcium, D 125, and a lowering of D 25. I can't say that is why I have hypercalcemia, because I found out about my count before I started the forteo. I'm seeing several specialist at a Univ Hosp, and so far no one can say why I have a elevated count. The two things that cause this, biologically, are hyperparathyroid (which I don't have) and cancer, which we're still looking at. I don't have cancer, as far as I know, but the issue is still under consideration.:mad: The forteo has raised my t-score to -2.5 so I'm doing fantastic on that and it's working very well, with no problems.

Because of all these probs, many I didn't mention, I decided to educate myself as much as possible. I love to read, so it's not a chore, plus it helps me to deal with all of it.

I've been to too many Drs that don't know what they are doing, so I never give them my sole trust. I do like the mineral metabolism Dr I'm seeing now, but like any human she has her limitations as well. I try to stay on top of all this, to protect myself and to aid them, when no one can come up with an answer.

I'm sorry to hear about your mother falling off the roof, that sounds like something I would have done years ago, no one has been able to ever tell me what not to do-my husband is infuriated most of the time.:D I try not to do really risky things, but sometimes I do, like the rest of the world. Your mom is really lucky she didn't have more severe injuries from that fall with her t-scores. It just goes to show that t-scores aren't the only determinent of fractures, there are many other variables, like bone strength, architecture and plain ole luck.

My biggest challenge is the constant pain, but somehow I get through it.

Your sister sounds like most of my relatives who trust their Drs way too much. My relatives also think I'm nuts because I try to memorize all my counts so I don't have to look them up constantly, and my Drs find it very helpful and dumbfounding since they quickly try to catch me with a wrong answer and are always surprised when I can tell them what my calcium reading was 2 years ago. Yeah I'm really strange, but good at remembering numbers and dates.

Well that's enough about me, a subject I don't particularly like to discuss, but will if it will help someone else. All the best to you, and keep up your good research and what ever else you're doing to have great bmd (bone mineral density). Sorry if I went [U]too far [/U]explaining all the acronyms:D

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