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Hi SheriLynn34! I am young too, 35, and was diagnosed with osteoporosis two years ago. I just thought I would mention a previous thread posting about this very topic titled [I]"Anyone Else With Osteoporosis At a Young Age? Cause?"[/I] from 1/9/08. There were some good ideas about possible causes discussed there in case you are interested.

I don't have any clear answers for mine either, but I have TONS of risk factors: anorexia as a teenager, have always been underweight, smoked for ten years (quit in Sept 06 when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine...boy that was the kick I needed), have taken thyroid meds for hypothyroidism for 18 years, history of depression, took various forms of birth control and Lupron (for endometriosis), had a hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries, lactose intolerant, family history and genetics, the list goes on.

Currently I am taking estrogen replacement (in the form of pure estradiol), calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, cod liver oil supplements, doing weight bearing exercise (with help and monitoring from physical therapist), and trying to maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet. I also have to make sure my thyroid levels (TSH especially) does not get too low or high). My body is highly sensitive to medications and I haven't done well on the few that I tried for osteoporosis, so I am trying to avoid them as long as possible. With the estrogen replacement I did show improvement between my first DEXA scan and second one a year later (from -1.8 to -1.4 in hip and from -3.2 to -3.0 in spine), so there is hope.

You have found a great group here and I hope you learn a lot and find answers you are looking for! Good luck to you too!

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