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DesertBloom-No we did not discuss Bhrt. It has been my thinking that the estrogen is the same if not from same source , having same action. I recall seeing a dr. from Sloan Kettering on The View(I watch tv while on the treadmill ) and he was a cancer specialist , it is my recollection that he said estrogen is estrogen. This a.m. I queried mayo bioidentical and found a one pg article about whether bio identical hrt is safer-you may find that helpful. In the article the doctor talks about bio id you can get at the regular pharmacist and it looks like you are already on bio id with vivelle patch(isn't that what you have been on?). Also at the bottom of the page there are references to other articles about various meno issues including hot flashes (also covers night sweats) and mentions various treatments incl drugs and lifestyle. Maybe you can get some info there to discuss with your dr.
Suzanne Somers on Larry King was not very informative just the usual- she strongly supports bio id and thinks big pharma pushes negative view of bio id because it doesn't control it.She feels great and her sex life is wonderful .No, she says she does not think there is a cancer risk and uses her case with breast cancer( she did have some breast tissue surgically removed ), then bio id, and no re-occurence to prove her point.
I would think that the compounding pharmacist is just giving you his opinion on Bio id and not the results of any studies. As you have said whether it is synthetic, from horses, or yams or whatever --the results of studies would be helpful.
You said what are people to do who are extremely estrogen deficient???Isn't that the condition of menopause or at least post meno? Or are there those who keep up an ok estrogen level in meno and post meno?
By the way I was cleaning up my desk and looking through some prior research and found something which may also interest you----1,000 IU daily increases serum 25OH vitamin D by about 10ng/ml pursuant to an article published by ArmasLA,Hollis BW, Heaney RP. J. Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2004: 89:5387-91. So, if your 25OH is , for example8, and you were taking 1,000 already -then I would think that you would calculate where you want to get to and for each increment of 10 ng/ml add another 1,000. Now that would be very simple , but for the forteo thrown into the picture. Let me know what your min met doc has to say, I am very interested.
Best Wishes to you- I hope you are doing well.:)
P.S.-I have been meaning to ask you if it is ok, what were your last two ntx results??I have ntx on my mind.

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