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Hi Dotti: Welcome to the board... Boy I can't believe all the probs you're having, I hope it gets better real soon. How did you manage alone with 2 broken arms???? I'm still reeling about that, how did you dress, eat, drive, bathe, etc. That must have been horrific.

I hope the Boniva works, but I'm curious about this IPTH. I always thought that stood for Intact parathyroid hormone, which is a lab test, but you say it's a treatment for your bones? I've been on forteo for 19 mos now, which contains recombinant human parathyroid hormone, but it's a daily injection, just like what taape mentioned. It only has the biologically active portion of human PTH, but it works well to build new bone. It's genetically engineered, but it's the closest thing to what our parathyroid gland produces in our body. Could you tell me more about the type you are referring to???

My t-score started out at -3.6 and now it's at -2.5, from the forteo and possibly the Actonel I took before the forteo. The annual cost of this daily injection here is $7,800.00, if your insurance doesn't cover it, which is about $650.00 a month. Is it possible that we are talking about the same drug??? I know forteo is available in the UK under the name of forsteo (sp) but it is a daily injection, that you can only use for 24 mos. But you say that the med you're talking about is an annual injection??

I don't understand your insurance situation, but if the Boniva costs about the same amount, as this IPTH, why wouldn't they prescribe it. Did they give you any injections of PTH during or after your fractures? They use that to speed healing in bone surgeries/fractures, but I don't know if they do that in the UK.

Good luck with all of this... Can you get some help from a church or neighbor around the house when these things happen???

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