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I wondered why there wasn't an oral form of Forteo, but it looks like someone is working on it after all...

Paraphrasing today's news item:

Australia-based Bone Medical Limited has new positive data from its second clinical trial conducted to test CaPTHymone, the company's oral parathyroid hormone product, for treatment of osteoporosis. In the first trial, they went head-to-head with Forteo and compared blood calcium levels of the two, which were about the same. The second trial then tested two different strengths of the oral form against each other and concluded that blood calcium levels were the same as the first trial. (I'd assume they'll continue testing different strengths until they reach the lowest effective dose, but it doesn't state that anywhere that I've found.)

The results of this trial will help the company to decide which of its formulations to take to market. The above trials were animal studies made by "a major drug manufacturer" (Eli Lilly, perhaps?) and paid for by a grant from the Australian government. Let's hope the human trials will show decreased risk of osteosarcoma and increased osteoblast formation.

I for one will be watching this company as they go through the process. I think the company primarily develops delivery methods for drugs and not necessarily the drugs themselves, but I'm not completely clear on that. The company is also testing oral delivery methods for calcitonin and insulin.

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