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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Sienna"]Hi Aleta: I hope he didn't have any trouble with the injection, has he noticed any side effects? The only thing I noticed from the first shot was a very slight dizziness, but it "really" didn't last for more than a 20 seconds, and then it never returned.

Wow I had no idea that the retail price had gone up that much, I just read a quote for another pharm and it was 859.00 but it was one of those online distributors, so I don't know how those work or if they are safe-I guess they are if they are well known. One thing about the price and continuing on past the 24 mos, is that my insurance told me they would not pay for it beyond that time limit, and since I wouldn't be able to continue to get the samples, I wouldn't be able to afford it.

When I was looking into insurances for my Part D plan through MC, I thought about Blue Cross since I have that insurance as my secondary on Medical, and they told me if the copay price was too high for the Forteo, all you need to do is try to get the tier changed. The BC rep also said approximately 90% of those tier/drug exceptions go through in favor of the patient. Most plans categorize all meds in either generic, preferred brand, non preferred brand and specialty meds which is what most of them consider forteo to be (specialty) which is the most expensive copay category. I don't know how your appeal process works, but they are all about the same. If the copay is too high you have the dr write a letter called an "exception" or "tier change" explaining that he has already tried fosamax and can't take it anymore which only leaves forteo. The dr would also have to say it's a medical necessity due to his dx, and usually you can get them to drop the copay price to a more reasonable figure since there is NO generic equivalent or substitute. Look in your BC manual for "tier changes" and "drug exceptions". This also works the [U][B]same[/B][/U] way for an insurance that doesn't cover the med at all. If you stay on top of this, and the dr fills out the proper forms which can be faxed, you should have an answer within 72 hours. If, for some reason they don't give you a lower price, you MUST appeal the decision with the necessary appeal forms. My dr was really helpful with this, and told me up front, we'll do whatever to get this to go through.

When he has his next bone marker test, you'll "want" to see an "increase" in score. When you take bisphos's you want a low score and with forteo you want a high score, because they work conversely. My last NTx was 60 and had gone down from 78, but the dr at LLU said the reason was the fact I was taking hrt, which is a antiresorptive like fosamax, which lowers the score. Because I was taking two different drugs that do 2 different things the antiresorptive (hrt) was hindering the forteo, and lowered it. I'm now tappering off of hrt.

I wish I could go beyond the 24 mos on forteo, because it's been the easiest drug for me to take and it's work so well, but they all tell me no. I wonder if I agreed to sign a med waiver if they would change their minds.

Remember that the rats getting the human dose of 20 mcgs for 20 mos "did not" contract "any" cancer, it was only the ones taking the extra large dose for their lifetimes that contracted it. If we were given up to 60 times the dose we are, maybe we would get osteosarcoma too, but since we aren't I don't worry about it. It was the strength and length of the dose given to the rats that caused the cancer, and the ones given the human dose "did not" get "any" cancer. I hope this eases his mind, since this seems logical to me that if you overdose a cancer predisposed rat you can expect to have problems, but no cancer was seen at the human dose with the rats. Also no humans have contracted it either.

Tell him I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and hope this works well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, but it sounds like you have everything covered.:wave:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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