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Thanks for the tip on the herbal remedy for sleep. I didn't want to do the prescription sleep meds and have been using Tylenol pm's for a while.

I will see what my D level is in May. If it has gone down I will increase to 2000 units. Years ago they thought too much vitamin D would wreak havoc on the human body but now they have backed off that warning.

I'm past the fear and panic that came with my diagnosis. Since conventional methods did nothing for me there was no reason to continue with Fosamax or start Forteo. I am 62 and past menopause so the rate of bone loss has declined. I have some time to try and "fix" it on my own. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for everyone so it's up to us to find what's is best for us.

The drug companies want us to be in a panic about our situation so we feel we have no choice in the matter. We all have choices. This board has given me the strength to make them.


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