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I'm 50. I had childhood kidney disease. I'm not over or under weight. When I graduated from high school, I was 5' 7" tall. I am now 5' 3" tall. :( I've had so many fractures I've lost count. I just started perimenopause within the last six months. Was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 42, when my allergist noticed my loss in height. My PCP sent me for a DEXA scan, which confirmed it.

I've awakened many mornings with rib fractures after sleeping restfully. Last October, I broke 3 bones in my pelvis while *walking* at a normal pace from the parking lot to my son's soccer game. Luckily, my married daughter and son-in-law were behind me. Since then, I've fractured three more ribs. No strength or weight bearing exercise, calcium intake, vitamin D, or anything else has made a difference.

My osteoporosis was originally called "juvenile osteoporosis." I used Actonel for years, and it didn't faze it. We later learned I had a massive calcium leak from my remaining kidney, which was damaged from my childhood kidney disease. FYI, anyone can have this, and it's sometimes hereditary....

So you don't have to be menopausal to have severe osteoporosis.

I'm now on Forteo, which is causing horrific bone pain, and have also applied for disability, as I can no longer work. I'm in too much pain from all the fractures. To make matters worse, I have three types of arthritis. If I were a horse....

I've found endocrinologists much more effective than rheumatologists for treatment.

Good luck to you all.

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