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[QUOTE=kkl;3474839]Osteoblast - thanks for replying. I'm 41 so I have to assume that I just have difficulty absorbing Vitamin D. I also have an irritable bowel. I wonder if that affects the absorption rate of oral supplements?[/QUOTE]

Hi, I'm Natalie. Do you have Osteopenia or Osteoporis? Could be there but the only way to know is with a bone scan.

I'm turning 35 next week and I've had a Vitamin Deficency for over a year now. The way they found it was I was having female issues and since I have a family history of Osteoperosis in my family, my gyn sent me to a bone scan..... we'll turns out my lumber is at 80percent, Lower legs 92 perscent. Can remember much else, I was in shock. Also my Vitamin D was at 16.2 at that time. THey put me on 50,000IU once a month & rececked me every 3 months. The highest it's been was 52 but now it's back down to 30.2 so they are increasing me eating my vit d supplements.
My problem is I am under childbearinhg years so they can't treat me the way others are treatment with medication. So I feel like I'm on my own.

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