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[QUOTE=lurudolph;3518160]Thanks again.

I checked on the cost of Forteo through my Healthnet Medicare HMO and found that for "Forteo Prefilled Pen Solution for Injection (Inj 750 mcg/3ml)", it would cost me $78 for a 90-day supply. [/QUOTE]
Wow, you're very lucky then. Coverage varies between insurers and it looks like you have a good one. One pen contains a 28-day supply, so if you're going to pay $78 for three pens, that's terrific!
[QUOTE]One of the side effects that concerns me is lightheadedness/dizzyness. I have pretty low blood pressure (105/68 typically) and already get lightheaded somtimes if I leap to my feet from a sitting position :-), or when I'm climbing out of a pool. Has your husband had this -- or any other side effects?[/QUOTE]
He felt a little dizzy the first time, but not since then. Many people do their injection at bedtime in order to avoid any potential problems. He likes to do it in the morning to get it out of the way. As for side effects, he mentioned an aching in his legs recently, sort of a bone-deep feeling. We don't know whether the Forteo is causing it or if it's something else. He has a lot of aches and pains anyway, due to degenerative disk disease in his neck, a bad knee, carpal tunnel syndrome etc, so who knows? But it isn't bad enough to discontinue the Forteo.

There is some risk with Forteo which you'll need to be aware of. It carries the Black Box Warning required by the FDA, because of the unproven (in humans) risk of osteosarcoma. Rats given Forteo at 2-10 times more than the human dose produced bone cancer. It was also given for the entire lifetime of the rats. So far there haven't been any cases of bone cancer in humans that I know of. But it is something to think about. It's the reason why the recommended term of therapy is no more than two years.

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