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Do you have a calcium level, either serum or ionised?

Shot in the dark, but osteoporosis isn't common at your age, and can be caused by hyperparathyroidism. Now - a lot of folks who are hyperpara have low Vitamin D (it's a physical self-defence mechanism that kicks in to keep your blood calcium lower). About 20% of people with hPTH have 'abnormally normal' levels of parathyroid hormone. I did. I should have been producing almost no parathormone with an elevated calcium, but my PTH kept coming back in normal range - though suspiciously on the high side.

So there's a possibility and I'd want to see serum and/or ionised calcium as well as the PTH numbers. If the PTH is 40 or 50 and you're in your 20s, that's still high. Most labs in America don't seem to take age into consideration in the range - usually anything from 10-65 is 'normal'. Mine was flagged as suspiciously high at 34 (which looks like dead-centre normal if you don't take age into consideration), and I'm in my 40s. Nonetheless, it held up my diagnosis for over five years - doctors don't see a lot of hyperpara, and the med school texts say it's high calcium and high PTH (out of range) at the same time. Not always true.

Or it may be something in a different direction entirely. I do think it's worth checking your calcium though, especially with osteoporosis and low Vitamin D.

I hope you find an answer soon. If it's hyperpara it's curable with surgery, and your osteoporosis will reverse once the tumour is out. Your scores really don't look that scary, and if it's just osteoporosis then you'll likely be fine. Mine were similar, and the only fractures I got were when two tonnes of granite fell on me - but that'd do it to anybody.

Take care.

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