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Hi mmee: My labs have been all over the place for the last two years, and of course they aren't the classic type, i.e. high cal with high PTH, or low D 25/D125.

Here's the latest:

Ionized Ca: 6.8 ref range (4.8-5.5) at my lab
D 125: 85.6 (25.1-66.1)
D 25: 6 (25-100)
PTH: 9.0 (11.1-79.5)
PTHrP: <0.2 (<1.4)

I'm on Forteo which elevates Ca, and D 125 by 19% and lowers D 25 by 19%. With this said, my ionized Ca was slightly elevated *before* I started the med. I decided to go ahead and take it anyway, and have these levels monitored closely. I'm ending my course on Forteo shortly.

About 3 weeks ago when my Ion Ca was at 6.8, I was having moderately severe chest pains that radiated into my left arm and over my left shoulder. Along with this I would get real dizzy whenever I lied down flat. I have to put many eye drops in every day and lie down to do that, and every time I would lie down the ceiling would be flying around in circles. I also had some dizziness if I would bend over suddenly but it would go away within a couple of seconds. I thought about going to the ER about 6 times, but never did go. I've never had to go to an ER for myself, and I guess I just have a very strong phobia against it. I got a real good lecture from my Cardiologist and PC about this, but the pain has gone away now. I also have the muscle twitching around my mouth/eyes, memory probs, and always exhausted, with horrific bone pain, but [U]only[/U] when pressure is applied to that bone.

The Cardio did a 24 hr halter which showed a very large number of PACS, and he said the hypercalcemia explains this and the pain/dizziness. My father died from a heart attack at the age of 56, and his Cardio told him 3 weeks prior that everything was fine. I'm not sure why I just added that info on my Dad, other than it's been on my mind.

The sestamibi didn't show any adenoma, but then my PTH has always been normal or low, never high. I've been tested for many types of cancer, sarcoidosis, granulomas, etc and nothing was found. I do have 2 thyroid nodules, 5-6 breast cysts, and 2 ovarian cysts. The cysts are benign, and the thyroid nodule is too small to biopsy. I'm seeing a mineral metabolism specialist at a Univ Hosp for my Osteoporosis and this Ca prob. She can't figure it out and wants me to see someone else, which I haven't done yet-I guess I'm stupid:D Oh, and no I don't have any neck swelling.

I've been following along with all your battles and hope you find out whats going on, I really feel for you with this type of problem that seems to be impossible to dx or solve.:wave:

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