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About 3 a.m. when attempting to roll over, and once again noticing the amount of pain in my joints, and I mean ALL of my joints, it dawned on me that maybe this is related to the the Boniva I took 3 weeks ago. I had been on Foxamax for a year prior to that, and had mild joint pain..

All this time I thought the joint pain was connected to the Arimidex, but I went off it for 2 weeks to see, and the pain did not go away. I did however go on Boniva, and I feel like I am 90. I wake up in the middle of the night, unable to turn over, limp to the bathroom, and whatever poisition my hands are in when I sleep, when I wake, they are sort of "locked" in that position. I cannot open or close them, cannot squeeze toothpaste onto a brush.....finally, last night, I realized, this is not normal.

Before this, I was a very athletic 42 year old. Worked out 5-6 days a week. I am simply blown away, that one pill, I took 3 weeks ago, could have impacted my body in this way, so much so, that I did not even consider it. Maybe it is a combined effect of the foxamax for a year, since I did have mild joint pain, but it is now severe. EVERY single joint hurts all the time, and is worst at night when I am sleeping. I decided to do some research on it this morning, and was surprised to see joint pain connected to Boniva.
I am now hoping that this will go away if I do not take another one, as I have only had Boniva ONE TIME, 3 weeks ago, should not this pain be getting less bynow? ALso, I have for the first time, what I have found out is heartburn, I did not even know what it was until I described it to my friend.

I guess my choice will be to go off both Boniva and foxamax, which I MUST. I have Osteopenia, and after a year of Foxomax, it has not changed. I would rather deal with the pain later, than continue with this level of pain in my early 40's.
While I am not glad so many others suffer from this, I am glad to know that I may have found the cause. By going off of Arimedex, and still having the joint pain, I know for sure what is causing it. Does it usually go away if you stop? Also, are there no other options for Ostepenia patients aside from these 2 drugs. Quality of life must be better than this, as the constant pain, especially as of the last two weeks, has to improve. Any suggestions?

Also, I had my overies removed at 40 due to breast cancer, prior to all of that, I had no bone issues. It has been the surgical removal of the overies, combined with the Arimidex that has put me in this position today. I am cancer free, but unfortunately, not pain free. There has to be something better, because I refuse to ever take these 2 drugs again.
Thanks all...

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