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It's a rock builders dream world and they're all free. At the price per ton of rock, I probably have more rocks in the yard than the house is worth. I faced the house, I build terraces, rock gardens, walls, patios, walkways, steps. The rocks shear off the cliff faces and end up in the creeks and every time it rains, we have a brand new crop of perfectly flat rocks. It is like doing a jigsaw puzzle and I absolutely love doing it. Sometimes I need a particular rock to make something work and I can spend hours playing in the cold creek on a hot summer day looking for the perfect rock. I do know how to lift. I lift with my legs and arms. I've pulled enough muscles to have learned to be careful. My biggest problem this year is for some reason, I can't handle the heat. I've been completely layed out with heat exhaustion 3 times so far in the last month and a half. Heat has never bothered me before. No warning or anything and about 30 minutes in the heat and I'm down for the count. It's getting scary.

My thyroid problem is nothing like anything that you'd be familiar with. In fact, technically I don't have a thyroid problem at all. I have a thyroid hormone receptor problem. It causes my pituitary not to be able to realize that I've got too much hormone in my body and it just keeps merrily pumping out the TSH stimulating my thyroid to put out more hormones even when there are alreay enough. Some of my other organs, like my liver would be classified hypothyroid too while the rest of my organs and tissues would be classified hyperthyroid. The thyroid hormone receptors in the different types of bone have a different distribution. The bone in my spine has the same receptors as the pituitary so it's hypo. The bone in my hips don't have a receptor issue so they are hyper. Hyper causes rapid turnover of bone. I'm more clinically hyper than I am hypo. However, I now take thyroid hormone in the form of T3 to correct the problem somewhat. It tells my pituitary to shut up. I started it end of february. It makes me feel better but we're still titrating to find the right dose where it stops breaking thru. Now does that spin your head enough???

Number one point. The participants in the study that is listed in the prescribing info for vivelle were not taking vitamin d and did not have osteoporosis to begin with so the results are kinda moot when it comes to trying to compare yourself to them. You need to find a study where the participants were taking vitamin d, calcium, perhaps phosphorus and were actively working with exercise and lifestyle changes to increase their bone mass. And no you didn't read the charts wrong.

Possibly it does take more estrogen than .14 to actually increase bone mass but the studies show that it actually does. By what method is beyond me too. Since the studies show that the women are taking vitamin d and calcium, perhaps by stopping the bone loss and putting a person on an even keel, it gives the calcium a chance to work.

Now back to the phosphorus. I haven't found the study yet so I'm going to wing it. Calcium is bound to phosporus before it enters the bones. In the bones, it's calcium phosphate. Guess where it gets the phosphorus? The phosphorus that's circulating in the blood stream. You throw extra calcium in, it grabs the phosphorus to bind to and pretty soon, you ain't got enough phosphorus in your blood to bind to all this extra calcium. Once you don't have enough phosphorus, there's nothing for the calcium to bind to and you piss the calcium out or else it builds up in your blood stream and you end up with hypercalcemia. Most people don't get enough phosphorus in their diet to bind to all this extra calcium that they're taking. Interestingly enough, milk has the perfect ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

Too much phosphorus isn't good for you. You need to take the right amount. Not too little and not too much. I personally take the RDA of phosphorus, and a little above the RDA for calcium and vitamin d now after having brought my levels up to high normal with extra levels of supplements. I've also increased my dairy intake. Since I'm acidic, some of this stuff going in is going to buffer my blood but I'm hoping the addition of the sodium bicarbonate is balancing that out some. I'm hoping I'm doing enough but I'm afraid to go overboard. All I can do is wait and see if I'm doing the right thing but it's what I feel is right for me.

Now tell me what's in bis[B]phosphonate[/B]s and why it works??? People need phosphorus.

The directions say to use an oil based lotion to remove the gum after the patch has been removed. I'm afraid that it will seep under the patch and cause it to fall off. WD-40's my absolute favorite lubricant, cleaner, all around good stuff for everything. It'll even take gum out of a kid's hair. There's only one thing I don't use it for and my meno symptoms haven't gotten bad enough to contemplate that one yet. :p

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