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PikaB-I just did a search on testosterone osteoporosis. UW bone physiology was the first option (and probably the best compilation of solid info), there is a whole page with extensive info and research on males and osteoporosis including a section on testosterone . Bottom line to me, it seems to function the way estrogen does in females but maybe the results of supplementing are even more dramatic.There is a chart showing increase in baseline bmd following 36 months treatement with testosterone for males low in testorerone, and the average increase in spinal bmd appeared to be 10% if I read the chart correctly. And, there is a brief discussion of minimal side effects which appeared outweighed by the gains made.One of the side effects is muscle mass gain-now maybe you don't want that but it sure looked like a plus to me :). Also it talked about the very significant decrease in fracture that would likely be seen with such gains.
After all the expense and effort with the forteo, I would think it impt. to at least get the latest testosterone report from the dr. and see where you fall in the range . And, maybe even get a more current lab done. In my experience some drs. will say nothing about a lab level , as long as it is in range, even though you may be scraping the absolute bottom of the range.
There was also a pretty clear statement that it seemed a much better option than the bisphos. ....take a look(although I know you decided against the bisphos)
Let me know if you read the chart and info as I did. As I said in my earlier post, sometimes data can be deceiving.
[FONT="Book Antiqua"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DimGray"]Hi Osteo: Congrats on the hip measurement --Yahooo! I hope you are excited about that. Did you ever find out about the L4 score? I know that when they do the spinal score they don't usually look at each vertebra score, but I'm still confused about the major different between yours.

What kind of issues are you talking about with the vivelle? Do you mean daily side effects, or the long term stuff like breast/ovarian cysts, which you may *never* get anyway? If you haven't noticed any negative side effects so far, you probably never will. Hormones gave me a general feeling of well being, besides the increased sleep, skin changes and less night sweats.

I think I understand why you want to move up to the next dose. What I read was that dose showed the greatest increase in bmd, compared to the others.

When do you find out about the sjorgrens? Also, what kind of study are you in? Do you have to go to the hospital/study place often?

I hope the thyroid nodules are okay, mine got a little bigger on hrt. Some Drs believe that hormones can activate growth, but I'm not sure I believe that. What I mean by growth, is in cysts, nodules etc.

Did you know that Evista can be used by men? I just read that somewhere, and found it interesting.

I won't be having another cal, or D test till next mo so I don't know what the level is right now. However, on the last 25 (OH) D it was, 24 up from 8, and that was right after I stopped *all* vit D supplements. The min met Dr feels that my calcium will also go down since I'm off the Forteo, so we'll see, I hope that is the case. I'm going to wait to see the Endo at UCLA after the next cal, D test because if it goes back to normal it may stay there. I just wish these chest pains would go away soon also. I don't have them everyday anymore, but still have many of them each week. My husband's fine, thanks for asking.

Let us know what you find out on all this, and I hope that biopsy wasn't painful. :cool: It's awfully hot here (107 yesterday), hope it's nice there!!

DB-Sorry to hear you are roasting in southern cal.
I do hope things even out after the forteo clears your system.
I do really want to do a good response to alot of what you brought up-but I am in a not so good mode tonight.
Spent the day in seattle-
and here is the upshot-thyroid u/s showed 3cm mass clearly, looks like not in lymph gland
I have an 8 am appt. with endo tomorrow and afternoon appt with ent.-looks like at least lobectomy is on the table but I want the whole thing out. The radiologist said he could not rule out cancer. He said some thyroid abnormalities do not show on ct scan and maybe that is why it didn't show 3 mo. ago after he found it on u/s. And, that the second u/s with another dr. at the major hosp-well, that guy doesn't specialize inthyroid u/s. So. Tomorrow will tell the tale.
I saw my pcp -my wonderful "Iam on your side pcp" and she said not to worry that she will help orchestrate and if I am told just lobectomy she will do a deeper inquiry and maybe we set out looking for a new endo /ent team.
Saw gyn-she upped vivelle dose to .075 and we haven't decided on the progesterone part yet, I see her in 3 mo. and then we will se what we will see. More later on that.
Tomorrow when I see ent besides the Total thyroidectomy issue , she will give me lip biopsy results. No pain really. Just a pain going to the hosp, twilight anesthesia, getting nauseated after surgery-other than that no pain. some tenderness. Thanks for asking.
L-4 per the mri didn't show hemangioma--in thoracic there was a small hemangioma. No real explantation given by bone exp. for L-4. Just she thinks post meno drain out quite dramatic.
I am exhausted and have to be back in seattle at 8 am , meaning we leave the house at 530, so I wanted to share with you the situation.
Tomorrow afternoon, I can get to more of your stuff and the updates. I am not in total shell shock, that happened 3 months ago when they first found the mass and then release of tension when they said it resolved. Luckily it hasn't grown in the meantime. Truth to tell , I am feeling some "negative thoughts " about my endo. Who everyone holds in such high repute. Of course the ct and secondu/s said no prob. But....why didn't she question more??I hope I don't break down in tears in her office. I just do not want to go there. I know my pcp who carries alot of weight in the clinic there will see me through this to the best resolution. So, I need to remember that she is in my corner and that in the end all will be well one way or the other.
ps-had no idea men could do evista-cool . did you look at uw bone phys men's pg. and see the testosterone effects-pretty darn impressive!
I want you to feel better, and know that I am thinking of you too and glad dh isdoing allright.
Tomorrow I'll get back to you. Thanks bone buddy!
Nice message DB-thanks so very much. And, you are so right about being around others who are trying their best and how it does pull you up as well. I have felt that too.
Oddly enough today I had a sestamibi scan at the hospital. It was about a 3 hr. deal. Was that like yours. The stuff was put in by catheter in my hand and then various time frames were being used, like pictures for 10 min then not for 20, then 40 min. then short break , then 20 and on it went like that , and close to the end more stuff put in the catheter in my arm and then some more pics. She let me look at some of them. And the left/right sides were very difft. in size but , the tech couldn't say anything and I couldn't understand what I was seeing so--. I am still wondering what prompted the ent to do this. Also in about a wk. I am having another ct with thin slice cutting of the images. There was more tech. lang used to describe the technique but I don't have that paper in front of me now. Haven't heard yet on when second opinion appt. is scheduled for.
I expect all this will transpire in next 2, maybe 3 wks. So I will let you know. Sure was odd to have the sestamibi-I wonder why she now was thinking anything at all about the para thyroids or if it was just to get a better read on the total landscape?
I am thinking of you too and hoping your transition to evista is coming along well. Any side effects of note??? Are you getting any better with your calcium and heart palps as the days pass from use of forteo?
Yes, I work on the diaphragmatic breathing everyday--even if it is just when waking up and going to sleep , but try at other times as well. Esp. in med waiting rooms. And, am working on the positive thoughts for myself, others near and those far and dear, known and unknown and you are in there too :)of course. It's one of those no exception things.
I hope the hummingbirds are around and lifting your spirits.
[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Hi Osteo: I hope you're doing okay??? Any firework plans for you two? We have some tonight in the community that we live in and it's such a nice alternative to the daily medical issues.

The sestamibi I had was done a bit differently, but I didn't have it done at a Univ Med Center. They injected the radio active dye and took some pictures, then I returned 4 hours later for some other pics. I wasn't able to see any of them, but like you say if I did I probably wouldn't know what I was looking at. Luckily they put these scans on CD now, and I can get a copy of it and view it on my computer. I did that with my last CT scan, which is *so* much easier to figure out, since I've seen them so many times before prior to back surgery.

I'm not sure why they did yours except maybe it gives a better picture of the surrounding area instead of just looking at the thyroid only. Did they take pictures of your head as well? Mine included abdominal, throat and head pictures, but I don't know why they include that. I was told, at one point, that some people have parathyroids in unusual areas, where one gland maybe right behind the thyroid and another would be someplace else entirely.

I'm not placing too much importance on this scan, because I think the false negatives are too frequent. Almost everyone I've talked to about this test said that their parathyroid probs were found by a us, even those with adenomas.

I don't have any noticeable side effects from the Evista, so that's good.

I won't have another cal test until next month (insurance) so I don't know what it is, but the chest pains aren't as frequent, so I think that it probably isn't high like it was when the chest pains were at their worst. I remember the day I had the last high cal test and that was also the day the chest pains started, so I think there is definitely a connection.

My ovarian cyst has gotten smaller, so they will continue to do the sono in 2 more months.

The hummingbirds are still here along with 3 ducks who hang out every summer in our yard. My dh feeds them so they aren't going anywhere.:D The ducks follow us all over waiting to be feed so it looks a little weird. Our community is having fireworks tonight over our lake so they'll probably take off when that starts. The fireworks reflect off the water, so we can watch from the driveway.

Keep us posted on all this stuff and stay cool-weather and emotions:)[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

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