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Hello and welcome :wave: to the board, I can understand why the dr. didn't have much to say. For a 75 year old active doing the right things woman her scores are pretty good. Her hip and femur total score is in the osteopenia range...she doesn't have osteoporosis in that area. And her spine total is just under the osteo line of -2.5 range. Shes done some improving since her last scan in 2006. Has she been on actenol since June 2006? Her active lifestyle is really helping her bone density as well as keeping her healthy and strong. Her t scores are good, but for menopausal women the z score doesn't really factor in since compares your bones to a younger womans at peak bone mass. Unless you've had a DEXA at a young age there is no way to know what our peak density was its hard to know how much has been lost. Congratulate your Mom on her improvements and go for a walk to celebrate...take care..phyllis

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