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I just went through the same thing. I'm post menopausal and have been taking a low dose of Prempro for several years. I told the doctor I had aching in the left hip. He said osteo itself doesn't cause pain, but there could be fractures or blah blah blah. He did every blood test and the urine test and did xrays of the hip area and my back. Everything came out normal. So I guess the pain part is just nothing, eh? He also suggested taking Fosamax. I don't personally feel that women have a whole lot of choices and that our options are so darn expensive. I go off cobra soon and don't want to start another drug, I really and truly don't. With insurance scrutinizing our every move I feel that a health insurance record filled with medications is even worst than having a criminal record. I just got diagnosed with osteoporosis, boom, another big ugly X and another pre-existing condition on my health insurance record. If that doesn't ever stink I don't know what does.

So in reading through here, I got very interested in the strontium and ordered some from vitacost. For some reason I feel very good about that. It is also my personal opinion that there are so many lawsuit problems in the US that we are behind in getting out new meds. Anyway I've been taking 2,000mg of calcium in the morning with breakfast and 680mg of the strontium in the late afternoon with dinner. I also live in central Florida and get plenty of sun. My best friend and I try to walk a couple miles each night that it doesn't rain. Now, I am hoping all this helps.

As for Actonel, Evista, and Fosamax it just seems to me that the possible side effects are worse than what it's supposed to be treating, and I don't want anymore problems or doctors. I haven't totally abandoned the idea of Fosamax but have it on the back burner. Maybe it's psychological but after a couple weeks into the strontium I feel pretty good. The aching in my left hip for whatever reason seems to be subsiding. We'll see. Good luck to everyone facing this kind of decision.

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