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DB-I do have my fingers crossed that the brace will help you .Of course, when I brought it to your attention, I had no idea what it could do except for what I read and that certainly sounded good. I am glad that Sara could help you and would think that what she has to say about the brace would likely have validity , seeing that she has been a pt. in the area of osteoporosis for an extremely long time. And, as I have said before the phys. ther. around here both locally and in Seattle, seem to have the highest regard for her and have built their osteo programs based on her methods and have also attended her courses. It will be just wonderful if it helps you . Please let us know how the whole process goes.
Also, did you ever get a look at Sara's program as indicated in her book, Walk Tall.( our library actually had her book, though I ended up ordering it from her after seeing that it looked helpful.) I really think that some of the floor ex. you could do lying on your bed. You do stretching which you could do lying side to side on the bed rather than as usual. While on your back, you do stretching arms and stretching legs together, alternately etc. also you could do the ex. with the theraband while lying on the bed. These I do on the floor and they always make my back, shoulders and body feel better. Talk to Sara about the scapular stabilization ex. with the theraband and see if you could do those. That may also help the whole process.
The mass situation is a mess.Starting with the 3 mo. ago diagnosis , then a diagnositic flip flop and now here we are again. The details are too much so I won't go into the flip flop. And even after an appt. last wk with endo(with my dh there too) we have no greater clarity. And dh says it looks like they don't know what it is and that is why they cannot clarify the situation to me.I met with one surgeon already and didn't like anything about her approach to the situation , to take out lymph glands affected and rt. thyroid lobe, send to path , then see if malignancy then if malignancy left lobe goes. The trouble is my endo says sometimes that path while you are on the table misses the malignancy and given the total state of my thyroid (7 nodules) and almost total hashi's destruction, why keep it.And, maybe with thyroid gone my antibodies will come down--though no promise of that. So now I have the referral to the univ. surgeon.Unfortunately I heard that while the surgeon is very good at the univ. , apparenly one woman in the thyroid cancer group said that his resident operated on one side of her thyroid and the dr. on the other. The resident side had two damaged parathyroids post op. So, if he will not agree to do the whole op. for me then I will not agree to surgery with him. I have yet to actually talk to this woman --only heard about this from her friend in the group. The woman is on vacation so , I am awaiting her return to learn the story first hand. So, maybe it is a blessing that it is taking a long time for the appt. so I get more info.This is why I call it a mess-the lack of clarity on what is going on and who the surgeon will be.
Anyway,for your night eye ointment please try the genteal gel for severe eyes (otc about $8-not much to lose if it doesn't work for you. ) The corneal spec. just recommended this to me. It is a gel in a tube, but I just layed down and held it over my eyes and it comes out in droplets not like the ointment and it lasted all night. He wanted me to stop with the ointment. The gel is apparently the latest in night time ointment and is way better than what I was using and yes I had all the problems you do with putting it in the lower lid. This way you don't have any of those issues--plus no blurring of vision. It is simple.The dr. did a rose bengal test , I don't know if you have had that but it dyes where there is abrasion. He showed me the areas which were not on the cornea but to the inside and lower white area.But next time I have to be sure to confirm no corneal abrasion--I was sort of floored b/ the stuff hurting my eyes soooo much.And he seemed to just point to the white areas as we looked in the mirror but maybe the cornea is the same too. This dr. is a true godsend to me, and he thinks he can help me do much better. My rheum referred me and said this is the dr. that the drs. go to. Also talked to two people in the local sjogren's support group who have gone to him and one said it is because of him that she learned she had sjogren's , he called her pcp and said he suspected sjogren's and that the woman should be tested. And, the other who has extreme corneal damage, has seen significant improvement working with this opth. So I knew I was going to be in good hands before even seeing him. As I said I have been so helped by these two local support groups that I found.
Sorry I went on and on, seems like there is just alot to say. I could prob. edit down, but I am tired and ready to call it a day.
Yes, I would love it someday if we could walk together. That would be lovely. I feel in a way that we have walked together quite a distance . Yet, to share a walk in a beautiful setting with you would be extra special. If you want you can come along tomorrow morning in spirit. Hope you do.

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