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it seems if there are any side effects to be had from treatment for osteoporosis, I get them...I have been taking ezorb for just a few short weeks at their recommended dose of 6 caps per day.
first thing I noticed was my nails become very strong ,(not that they were weak to start with), but that was a positive
within the first week my hips were aching & I developed a click in my right hip
I also could not sleep ...and Im not one to suffer insomnia ..ever
ezorb does say it will 'energises you' ( it speeds up your metabolism) but I was averaging a few hours of sleep per night & worst of all is I wasnt tired the next day or the next
I then reduced my dose of ezorb by half & the aching in the hips subsided slightly but not the insomnia, I further reduced ezorb to just 1 cap per day
which is the equivilant of 1120mg ezorb calcium and contacted Ezorb, this was their response
quote- ' Ezorb was not developed in june and you were the first person to take it '....followed by hype :mad:
their own website says it was first marketed in the year 2000
......what the ????:mad: :mad: :mad:
I then searched & searched for any scientific studies on ezorb and found NO reputable clinical studies for ezorb ... except for one in China a country well known for scientific corruption
ezorb is just calcium & excessive calcium is dangerous as bone is made up of more than just calcium...excessive calcium causes osteoclasts & osteoblasts
to replicate prematurely this weakens bones not strengthens them
I discontinued ezorb altogether and am back on calcium citrate combo,magnesium,vit D , & excerise
my hips no longer ache & I sleep like a normal
Myth, to me it amazes me of how many supplements r on market for Osteoporosis and again everyone's body responds differently. It is good you were monitoring your intake etc and were aware of side effects. It pays to be on top of things with your own body.
you know, all this reading about calcium supplements, the good, bad and ugly, i have no idea if i'm doing the right thing by starting the Ezorb. It's only been four days that i've been taking it, but i felt i had to start something. my doctor wanted me to come in for a consultation to "talk about it." i said - talk about what?? i'm not going on a pill." well, that didn't make him too happy. he said, well, there's other things - estrogen, Evista. Isn't Evista a breast cancer drug? Even the ads on this website want you to buy their books and buy this remedy and that one. I'm really confused, and i don't know if i should invest in more bottles of this Ezorb. Any ideas?
hi indosonu hope this thread has helped ,please read my new post on excessive calcium consumption its an eye opener
canna it is most important to listen to your body,fortunately mine seems to be a barometer
singingirl it is true there is a lot of treatments for osteoporosis and
we are all confused & looking for something that will really help
I have no experience with evista , cant handle Hrt, and I certainly cant recommend ezorb , I do know that vit D is important , as is some calcium but not too much as bone is made up of a lot more than just calcium , magnesium is also necessary , along with excercise..strontium is also becoming popular as a treatment but I reacted to that too ,however I might try reintroducing that again at a lower dose

I also tried ezorb a few months back when I was diagnosed with osteopenia at the recommended dose. After 3 days, I too noticed my hips and the front of my shin bones aching. I felt lightheaded and not myself. I discontinued it after a week and figured I was too sensitive to it. I decided to stick with calcium citrate and diet and exercise for the time being and will consider other options down the line if I need them. Very interesting, Myth. I did read somewhere that the united states does have one of the highest levels of calcium and dairy consumption but we also have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis. What to make of that? Blessings - jrose
it has been known for sometime that there is a correlation between calcium/dairy consumption and osteoporosis, usually in the more developed countries and the countries that consume the least amount of calcium/dairy have the lowest rates of osteoporosis, so it confirms to me that excessive calcium accelerates bone turnover and since the amount of times you can do that is fixed .. excess calcium actually ages bones faster. I think we need to find a balance as the bone matrix is made up of more than just calcium and
ezorbs outrageous recommendations of consuming up to 4000mg of calcium which is 4 times above the amount generally accepted ,can only be harmful in the long term
hopefully people will read this & learn from our experience

ezorb is just calcium & nothing else, they claim it is sourced from vegetables
their recommendation is for a person who weighs less than 160lbs is
8 capsules a day...each capsule has 560mg of ezorb calcium,... totalling 4480 mg per day and for those who weigh between 160lbs-210 lbs 10 capsules=5600 mgs per days........over the top indeed and Im so cross with myself for trying it as I should have known better
the last time I asked for a calcium test I was told it cant be measured :confused: ....should go doctor shopping yet again but Im so tired of the medical merry go round

regards Myth
Hi Myth: Wow that's even worse than I thought, and weight has nothing to do with the amount you should take. What kind of Dr told you that calcium can't be measured? I've never heard of a Dr not knowing how to check it. It's a simple blood test. You can also check how much calcium excretion you have in your urine by doing a 24 hour urine test-for calcium and other things. The blood test for calcium is a "total serum calcium" test. The total serum cal test measures both bound and unbound calcium in your body. There's also a *serum ionized calcium* test, and that only measures your unbound (free) calcium. That much calcium could cause a whole lot of problems. How long did you take that much each day? It sure sounds like a scam, they tell you to take that much so you run out of it faster and have to reorder. Everyone should look up UL (upper tolerable limits) on all vitamins/minerals.

Do you have any muscle twitching (around the face)?

Good Luck...
OK. I'm looking at the bottle of ezorb that I bought and now am not going to use. It is made up of both two things: calcium aspartate anhydrous 1120mg, and elemental calcium 146mg. (These number are for 2 capsules) I think elemental calcium is just the regular calcium you would find in something like citracal so 3 times that amount won't kill you but who knows what Calcium aspartate anydrous is?!?!?. They claim it is a much more absorbable form of calcium but you can hardly find any information about it anywhere. 1120mg is an awfully large number and 3 times that amount is huge! Makes me wonder what my body was absorbing that was so disagreeable. Also, if it is completely safe, why isn't Ezorb more forth-coming about what it is and where it comes from? One interesting point made in an article I ran across commented that "there are many substances that can take up residence in you bones - even lead can build up in your bones and cause increased bone mass (YIKES)! No thank you. I think I will continue to investigate options that are openly under research (ie strontium). Blessings - jrose
Another quote related to Ezorb:

"Bear in mind that should a new and better form of calcium come along that has made it past rigorous scientific scrutiny, you'll read about it and hear about it from the mainstream media. When checking out new products that sound too good to be true, look for some independent documentation. Are scientific studies cited by name on the Web site? Will you find those studies if you look them up in the medical literature? You can search the huge ... databases of medical journals.... If you don't find any relevant studies, there probably aren't any."

Good Points I think - Blessings - jrose
hi - i have to jump in here on this conversation because what i'm reading is really concerning me. i got my first bottle of ezorb last saturday, so today i will be taking it seven days. of course, they say to start with a loading dose, so i am taking four teaspoons of the powder each day. i haven't noticed any ill feelings so far, but i certainly don't disagree with a lot that has been said about the lack of information that can be found on it, etc. i just know i need to do something. i was just diagnosed with this a couple of weeks ago, a shock to me. i should be receiving the copy of the scan from the doc in today's mail, but she told me over the phone that the hip was a -2.75 and the spine was much better but still osteopenia. i don't even know what that -2.75 means yet except that he (the doc) says it is bad and wants me to go on a medication or estrogen. i really do not want to. i read that strontium is for relief of bone pain in patients with skeletal metastases. if so, is that something that we should take??
There is a lot more information and clinical research being done on Strontium Ranelate which is widely used in europe to treat osteo. Strontium Ranelate isn't FDA approved as a treatment here in the United States but you can buy Strontium Citrate at health food stores. It is strongly believed that Strontium is the active component and the the Ranelate or Citrate is simply the delivery medium so the theory is that Strontium Citrate will be every bit as safe and effective as Strontium Ranelate. Again - there is very little if any research on Strontium Citrate but I think you can make an educated decision based on studies on Strontium Ranelate. As for me, the jury is still out. I too am Osteopenia. If I do have to take meds down the line, I think I would consider Strontium because at least it is being studied and information about it is out in the open and recognized in the medical community. Ezorb - seems shrouded in a lot of hype and mystery.
Hi ladies: Well since jrose says that the elemental calcium is [B]146[/B] mgs I feel a little better, but not by much. You would have to calculate your dietary intake and then add ezorb by ? (how many). According to the RDA, if you want to go by that, the recommendation is 1200 mgs for a day in divided doses. That 1,200 mgs is for those over 50. Can some one tell me again how many pills/spoonfulls you have to take, and 2 spoonfuls is 146 mgs of elemental cal, that's [U]not much[/U] depending on how many you take, here I was thinking you were actually getting 4500 mgs a day. Aspartate is a buffering agent and anhydrous just means it doesn't have any water in it. Buffering agents prevent changes to their PH. I guess I should read the label on this to figure it out, but I don't see why you can't do the following below---much easier, in my opinion and a whole lot safer.... When ever you see claims about some new calcium, my humble advice would be to disregard it. :D Go by the tried and true info that's been around forever...

What's wrong with getting most of your calcium from your diet, then if you need to supplement that add some... Check out the link below, it should explain most anything you need to know about calcium, including how to calculate your daily totals, which forms have the most [COLOR="Red"]elemental calcium[/COLOR] ([COLOR="Blue"]which should be your primary concern[/COLOR]) and the UL (upper tolerable limits) = [COLOR="Red"]2,500 mgs.[/COLOR]

Good luck on all of this:wave::wave:

I agree with DesertBloom. I think food provides the best source of nutrients. For now, I figure I am probably getting 800-1000 mg of calcium in my diet and so I supplement with about 500 mg of citracal per day and so far I feel comfortabl with that. That said, I don't have Osteoporosis yet either. If I did, I might be looking for more aggressive therapies. I still think, like you DesertBloom, I would stick to things that have been well researched.
ezorb does not make it easy for users to figure out what doses to take
as the bottle has one set of instructions which they tell you to disregard and supply a seperate sheet to follow
instructions on bottle of powder :- calcium aspartate anhydrous 2g
calcium (elemental) 260mg (26%)
suggested use 1-3 servings per day a serving is 2 leveled teaspoons
keep in mind that 1 teaspoon = 2 capsules which has 560mg per capsule
instructions on sheet:- 8 capsules or 4tsp powder thats 4480mg of which elemental calcium is 26% ...= 11648 of which they claim 92% absorption rate
now throw in calcium from your diet ...and dont forget the calculator
also keep in mind that the bone matrix is made up of more than just calcium
and that excess calcium increases bone turnover...the excess comes from the absorption rate which actually creates an imbalance of other minerals.
I agree that the best source of nutrients is from food but thats not so simple either since no one knows what actually causes osteoporosis even if one has a good diet ....and the jury is still out on strontium for me too
jrose have you had your vit D levels checked?

singingirl the only thing I am sure of when it comes to supplementing for bone health is adequate vit D levels ( as we age we dont absorb vit D well)
and calcium is necessary but it must be balanced with magnesium, and other co nutrients like manganese , zinc , vit K , silica ,boron and exercise

hope this helps
myth - do you know what the appropriate amounts of those supplements are per day? the multi-vitamin that i take GNC Women's Ultra Mega has zinc 15 mg, boron 2 mg, manganese 2 mg and silica 4 mg. it's a fairly complete vitamin, if i can remember to take the second tablet during the day, then i get the entire dose. i think with the Ezorb, i was so frantic to try and find something quickly and what sounded like a really good calcium that i just ordered this stuff right away. i haven't ordered another bottle, and now after reading so many messages about it i don't think i'm going to reorder. i don't know, just really concerned about it. does anyone know if a -2.65 is a pretty bad score for the hip? the spine is -0.99 which the report said was within normal.
hi singingirl the appropriate amounts depends on who you talk to as everyone has their own ideas & theres no shortage of supplements available, as we have found out...but if it sounds too good to be true usually is
the supplement I take was designed specifically for osteoporosis available at health food stores ... in each pill there is calcium citrate 274mg,magnesium 135mg, silica 50mg, manganese 1mg, zinc 325ug, vit K 2ug, boron 700ug, I take 3 a day and I also take vit D3 1000iu once a day ..this was recommended to me by a naturopath, they are more knowledgeable about vitamins than most doctors and health food stores usually have them
sorry I cant help you with those dexa scores,perhaps if you start another thread asking for interpretation of your dexa scores someone more knowledgeable in that area may be able to help
regards Myth
Hi singingirl: The bottle should tell you the RDA on each of the minerals you mentioned. Look at the manganese, and it will tell you what percentage of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) is provided in the serving size of that multiple. :)
Hi Myth - this has been a very interesting thread. A lot of stuff that has needed to be said. As far as vitamin D - Yes - I was tested and was deficient. My Doc put me on 50000IU's for 13 weeks to build up my supply. After the 13 weeks I retested and was at 78 (35-100). He felt that was much better and so now I am on a maintenance dose of 1000IU per day. Hopefully that is helping out my bone situation - we'll see.

Singingirl - I was like you. When I found out I had Osteopenia, I kind of freaked and immediately started looking for the quick fix. I wanted it reversed - NOW! I think that caused me to be vulnerable to some of the hype that's out there. As time has gone on and I have had time to research, talke with others and absorb the situation, I have relaxed about it all somewhat and am focusing more on correcting the potential underlying causes - vitamin D, thyroid condition, exercise, diet, stress reduction etc. I have faith that the right courses of action for me will continue to present themselves.

Blessings to you all - jrose
hi to everyone who has responded to my concerns. i guess i'm going to have to call my primary MD, as the results of the bone scan went to the OB/GYN, altho i think she probably was forwarded a copy. However, based on her track record i doubt that i would hear from her. I wonder how a person tests for vitamin D, what kind of test is it? i live where it is sunny all the time and walk the dog during some of the sunniest times of the day. i wonder if that might be enough exposure.

i have one other major concern. i also have a condition whereby i have been taking an anti-seizure medication for over 25 years. i am just reading through all of this research i've been doing that anti-seizure medications, such as the one i take, can cause osteoporosis. this is very depressing to me. there really isn't anything i can do about stopping it, and at this point in my life and my history of taking this one particular drug, Tegretol, i don't really want to be switching to something else. so i guess i have a problem that has been made worse by another problem.

i also read in two different places conflicting opinions on walking versus jogging, etc. one book i am reading, "strong bones, strong women" (i think that's what it's called) says definitely jogging is better than walking as it forces the muscle to move against the bones more. not that she doesn't recommend walking, she certainly does but says that if you can you should jog. now another book says that definitely do NOT jog, just walking. so which is right? should i just be basing this on how i feel physically and if i am physically capable of jogging? before i got this diagnosis, i felt very strong, moved any way i wanted, worked out, danced, etc. i feel now like i have to be careful or i'm going to fall over.

jrose, thanks for the encouraging words about relaxing a bit with it and looking to treat the underlying cause. perhaps if it is partly a result of the medication i've been taking for so many years i might have to consider an alternative. for now, i've just been much more diligent about taking the multi, the fish oil, calcium, etc. i feel old!!!!
Hi singingirl, this has turned into a very interesting and informative thread. I really can't add to all the good advice given, but did want to tell you one very important thing. YOU are still the same person you were before you were dx with osteo. YOU can still do all things you enjoyed doing before. Bone density test can measure the density of your bones, but not the strength. Your bones can be less dense, but still strong. We've all felt like you do now, afraid to move, bend or try new things. Just the act of moving and using your body is good for your bones and the rest of you. You know your body and what it can and can't do. I've never been a jogger, but i'm a good walker. I like weight training because its not only good for my body, but makes me feel strong in general. I believe there is a connection between exercise and how we feel mentally. We have all been fed so much hype on what to do and not to do that its hard to figure out what's right for each of us as individuals. Use your own judgment, if something doesn't work out try something else. There is no magic formula that works for everyone. Give yourself some time to absorb the news and then get on with what you like to do. Also remember that you have osteo, but it doesn't have you. And like jrose said...relax.

Your vitamin D level can be checked with a blood test. Even with the sun exposure you get in Florida, as we age our bodies don't process what we get from the sun as well as when we were younger. Vitamin D3 is closest to what we get from the sun and they are inexpensive to buy. take care...phyllis
hi phylllis - thanks for taking the time to write. you're not the only one who has said to just relax about it. i spoke with a girlfriend last night who nine years ago had a double lung transplant. they give those patients maybe three years. she is still living but not without complications. the anti-rejection drugs and the prednisone have done a number on her to say the least. But she did say that the more you read and research things, the more controversy you'll find about it. there will be some article somewhere that will tell you everything causes cancer and other diseases as well. it was her advice too to just stay on my course of walking and light jogging on the treadmill and get back to lifting weights, continue to take the Tegretol and not mess around with it, and just live. i am going to check out the D3, tho' i do get a decent amount in the multi as well as the one calcium supplement per day (the Ezorb does not contain D) and do get out in the sun at least for dog walking. Have a great day and thanks for the input. Maybe, i'll try to calm down about it for a while....
Hi Phyllwyll and all,

Remember me? We exchanged birthday greeting last year, both of us born in 1952

I was in southern Ca. for three months and off these boards for about five months, I had to catch up on my life in NY. Ca. was great, I loved all the sunshine (good for bones) and I lost ten pounds walking all the beaches! The low humidity in Ca. kept my injured knees pain free allowing me to walk for miles, and I lost 10 pounds, I feel great now. I even have much less knee pain in NY and I walked 6 miles in NYC last week with no knee pain!

Anyway, my two cents about e-zorb, I have been taking it about three years and have been happy with the results. My spine is normal (always was) and my left hip (it's the worse one) has stayed at -2.4 (average for all areas of hip) for about five years now. Actually the femoral neck is -2.3, and the doc says I am doing great because the femoral neck is usually what breaks, I also take other supplements and lift weights and walk on the treadmill. I take 2 capsules in the morn. and two in the evening, and get about three servings daily of calcium from food, two low-fat dairy, and one veggie, like collard greens or kale.
hi jacal5 - i'm very new to this board and new to reading any of your posts for sure. really glad to hear what you had to say about the Ezorb. after buying the first bottle and then reading up on it and hearing from people, i am encouraged to keep on with the Ezorb. i actually lowered the amount that i was taking from at first, which seemed like an unusually high dose of it, to now 2 teaspoons of the powder in the a.m. and then a 500 mg cap of calcium carbonate with D. Also bought a D3 supplement that i take every other day and am trying to eat more foods with calcium in it - like chopped kale! bought a big bag of it and there it sits - not knowing what the heck to do with it! and made an awesome quiche with ricotta instead of other kinds of lower calcium cheese. my bone scan last month of the hip was a -2.62. now with your information, i have a little reference as to what that means. i didn't go back to the doctor, even tho he wanted me to come in and talk about going on a pill. just didn't want to succumb to that route immediately, and i was born in the last month of 51, so i'm probably not that much older than you or phyllis. am doing my treadmill and have always lifted weights, at one point two years ago was a gym hound, but have really gotten away from it, i must get back to that as well. anyway, nice to meet you and thanks for your input on Ezorb.
Hi Singinggirl!

You're welcome! Nice to meet you! I learned a lot about osteo from these boards, the posters here are so knowledgeable and wonderful people.

You can prepare kale with olive oil and a little garlic, I usually grill sausage and put in on top of the kale, it's really yummy. Animal protein is said to deplete the bones of calcium, so when I eat a calcium robber (like meat), I balance it with a calcium containing food.

It's a good idea to return to the gym, Dr Oz was on Oprah a few days ago and said the most important thing to improve bone mass is lift weights. I wonder if you had better bone density while you were going to the gym? I researched on-line all the best gym equipment to improve bone mass and only work on those machines (I'm limited at the gym because I have bad knees and back from injuries).

Some books claim that the osteoporosis marker was moved down to -2.5 so more people would be on drugs, and I read someplace that a -2.6 score at the hip isn't that bad. The drugs available now have so many side effects including skin cancer, atrial fibrillation, etc., I heard there is a doctor in my area sending his patients to France for strontium (I don' take it, I try to get it naturally from onions).

Some research claims that calcium carbonate isn't good for you, it's the least absorbable, and it can migrate to other parts of the body other than the bone.

Good luck to you, you will learn a lot on these boards to keep your bones in good shape, you can't get better information anyplace else, especially not from your doctor.
Hi jacal...glad to see your back on the board. I'm curious..which machines did you learn were the best for building bone? Lifting weights is so good cause its the pull of the muscle against the bone during lifting that makes it stronger. I like lifting, it makes me feel strong both physically and mentally.

i hadn't heard that about clacium carbonate. I figured its was a good choice since its so widely used. I think how it goes is that calcium citrate can be taken on an empty stomach, but you have to take more of it to to get the desired amount and calcium carbonate is better absorbed but has to be taken with food since it needs the stomach acid to be absorbed.

I've never had kale, but your recipe sounds good. I use romaine lettuce in salads and have to admit i'm better at getting calcium from dairy than from other foods. I'm better in the winter when i make lots of soup with beans. I just made a bowl of hummus and that's a good source and so yummy. have a good day..take care..phyllis
hi all - wow, women after my own heart... i love hummus, buy it all the time, little did i know it's good for me. in what way, i wonder?? also, am going to make that kale recipe today if the stuff hasn't gone bad in the refrig since i bought it last week... my sister had also told me of a similar recipe using kale, but she uses tofu with soy sauce, water chestnuts. i use tofu a lot and i guess there's calcium in that as well. if anyone is interested in my recipe for tofu, red peppers and peanut sauce, let me know.

what i learned about calcium carb. is the same as what you said, take with food as it needs enzymes to absorb. since i have a bottle from Costco that could serve a small town I probably should stick with that as my supplement to the Ezorb. Question about that to jacal 5 - can you and do you take it without food? for ease of taking it, i've been taking it first thing in the a.m. just in my water, i can actually take the taste of it ok. do you think it's true about it that you don't need vitamin D or mag. for it to absorb? (that's what the mfr. claims.) also, do you have a special place where you purchase it at a price that doesn't send you to the poor house?

i don't doubt that i was stronger two years ago when i worked with a personal trainer. i lost weight, felt awesome, etc. Now, two years later and having pretty much gone thru menopause, i do feel totally different. I continued to get my period for quite a bit longer than a lot of friends and even family. i was always complaining about it. But since last August it has seemed to go bye-bye and i can truly feel the difference in my skin, my joints, and certainly my bones. It's totally unfair!!! we do all the baby making, etc., and we get the raw end of the deal! (don't know if anyone is in agreement about that one..) well, have a great day everyone, thanks again, and sorry for the rambling.
Hi Phyllis, Singing Girl and All,

I was in the ER all day yesterday with Mom, she's ok, but I'm so tired today.

Best gym equip. exercises: Lat pull down, hip adduction/abduction, row machine, leg press, (I think I remembered all of them).

I take all supplements with food, But I avoid taking calcium with any food that blocks absorption, like oat bran. I don't like to take any of them on an empty stomach. I just read yesterday that all vitamins should be taken with meals for better absorption.

No matter what e-zorb says, I take magnesium/vitamin k supplement at a separate time from the e-zorb since magnesium is good for other things besides bones. I read that calcium and magnesium go through the same channels and may block each other. My vitamin company now states in their catalog that they should be taken separately. I take Vitamin D3 pills starting in the fall because I live in NY, and I get plenty of sun in the summer since I'm retired.

Singing girl, you might want to limit your consumption of soy, there are several on-line articles claiming that soy can cause many diseases including osteoporosis and estrogen receptor breast cancer. I have posted what I read about regarding the dangers of soy in the past. I avoid all foods with soy or soy derivatives, In addition, most soy sold in the U.S. is genetically modified (GMO). I read only a tiny amount of organic fermented tofu should be consumed. It's a disgrace that you can't find hardly anything in the supermarket that doesn't contain soy (even Italian bread)!

I don't find the cost of using 4 capsules of e-zorb daily that expensive, it costs about the same as Citrical if you figure it out.

Note to Phyllis: I just read that consumption of veggies and fruits improve bone mineralization, I try to buy beans with the highest calcium content, but I find it easier to get calcium from dairy sources also, you have to eat six times more calcium veggies to get the about the same calcium as 1 cup of yogurt.
hi - i am amazed!!! soy promotes osteop? OMG, it's like they say "everything causes cancer." i have been taking soy isoflavones that my OB/GYN recommended a long time ago for hot flashes, etc., which i really do not get. but since the diagnosis of osteop, i started taking the actual daily dosage of it which is 2 caps. i'm going to have to read more on that. actually, i don't eat that much soy, tofu occasionally when i feel like being creative, plus whatever i get from foods containing soy, which from what you say is a lot. i just took my a.m. dose of the Ezorb - by itself - in water and am drinking coffee. now i am reading that i should be taking it with food. damn, could i do something right here??? thanks for your post, you sound very informed on this stuff. i'm trying to get there myself. thanks again and have a nice Sunday everyone.

You are doing everything right by educating yourself. I must tell you that I heard a few days ago on the news that taking vitamins with your morning coffee is not recommended because caffeine blocks absorption.

You can type in soy in the search box below the Health Boards title and
several posts will come up regarding the dangers of soy and why soy can cause osteoporosis.

I'm glad you don't eat lots of soy, and the fermented tofu you are buying for yourself is a lot better than the soy in processed foods on the supermarket shelf. Try not to eat processed food containing soy or soy derivatives.

Unfortunately, soy got "Americanized." The chocolate cake we bring home from the supermarket is really made from three or four soybean ingredients, it really disgusts me that a pile of genetically modified beans are in the disguised form of chocolate cake!!!
Heya Singingirl!

Don't feel bad about walking vs running (in or out of the sun). It sounds like you are doing just fine!

To help you keep things in perspective: what if you couldn't walk (much) or run, and couldn't tolerate heat. 'Tis moi! All I can do is take eZorb and Citracal+D and keep on keeping on.

Don't sweat the details. ;)
Hi jacal...its good to know that fruits and veggies are good for your bones as well as the rest of you. We are big produce (our garden is doing well) eaters here so that an easy one to stick to. I never gotten into soy other than soynuts and my husband wouldn't go for it so its an easy thing not to do. I try to avoid processed foods, i guess its good that i like to cook and make most things from scratch. I've always heard that if you shop the perimeter of the store you'll do just fine in your selections.

hey singingirl...i love hummus and know so many others who do too. the bowl i made for our gathering was a big hit. You said you buy it..i have a recipe that is very much like store bought, but much cheaper. Other than the jar of tahini (that makes 5 or 6 batches) its very cheap to make at home with most things you already ahve on hand. If you'd like the recipe i'll post it for you. Hummus is a good calcium source (the garbanzo beans), fiber and protein. It's a snack you can feel good about eating.

take care...phyllis
Hi Phyllis,

I'm glad you eat healthy and cook your own meals. I have tomatoes and basil growing in the garden. A few days ago I was watching a program on organic farming, and people have formed co-ops and pay a fee to get organic food delivered to them. Some people are also growing their own crops on land farmers set aside for them, and they claim buying the food in a co-op can cost less than buying produce at the supermarket.

Hi Myth,

I like that idea, maybe we can gather all the osteo recipies and diet ideas and write a book to sell on one of those popular on-line book sellers and donate the money to osteoporosis research to help scientists come up with safer drugs.
phyllis - i don't know how i missed your post offering me the recipe for hummus. i spend a fortune on those little containers. so, yes, post it if you have time.
jacal - it's amazing to hear this info about caffeine blocking absorption of vitamins, but i wouldn't doubt that. though, wasn't there something on the news just recently about everybody should now drink more caffeine?? it's like they have you coming and going. it's like what my friend said about RXs and herbal supplements, etc., there will always be something that THEY will come out with that causes cancer, or promotes heart disease or osteop. but since you posted that, i have still been drinking the coffee, maybe one and a half cups in the morning, but i am waiting to take the vitamins until a bit later when i eat something, and i definitely stopped taking the Ezorb on an empty stomach, now taking it with food as well. p.s. i made that big old bag of kale the other night - it actually was pretty great! and if my son ate it and said he liked it, i must have done something right.
Singingirl: I think the report said coffee promotes health, I think they meant the coffee bean was healthy, I don't know if they were referring to the caffeine. I was looking for organic instant coffee the other day in Trader's Joes but didn't find any. I was wondering if organic instant coffee is available anyplace.

I bought broccolirabe today and made it with garlic, olive oil and sausage over ziti, it was really good. I almost didn't buy it because it was $3.00 a pound and the kale was .99 a pound, but Mom said she rather have the broccolirabe so I bought it.

I have trouble with taking vitamins in the morning, because if I eat oat bran cereal I don't take any vitamins until later in the morning, but then I run out of time sometimes during the day and night to take all of them, it knocks my schedule off. Some vitamins shouldn't be taken at the same time as calcium, like magnesium, and vitamin C, so it complicates everything. I also take supplements for cholesterol control like Policosanol, plant sterols, niacin, and a muscle relaxant for back spasms, and I don't want to end up eating all day to take food with all these supplements, so my weight doesn't go up.

The only days my vitamin eating schedule comes out right is the days I start taking them early for breakfast when I'm eating eggs or something without oat bran. Now we can't take vitamins with coffee so I can't take them with any breakfast, this is so complicated!!!
I know how you feel. I recently fell at work and went to a orthopedic doctor. He told me I have osteoporosis. Was diagnosed with ostepenia about 3 years ago. Was told to take 1200 mg of calcium with D a day. I thought all was well till now.
I also take an antiseizure drug gabapentin and asmanex, anotherr bad thing to take related to the bones. I have asthma also. I take the gabapentin for a mouth neurolgy.
My neighbor told me that there was an article in the paper today regarding grapefruit causing estrogen receptor breast cancer (just like soy) and advising post-menopausal women not to eat it. I figured this wasn't off topic because we were discussing that fruits and veggies are good for bone health.

I guess we are lucky in that if we had really good bones from lots of estrogen we would be more at risk for breast cancer.
babyboomer56 - it's nice to here i'm not alone with an aggravating circumstance of taking an anti-seizure medication and now find out that it causes bone loss. it's very frustrating, but my hands are tied. i am not going to do any changing at this point after taking this same drug for over twenty years - ooh, scary thought. i really have settled into a groove with the Ezorb and other vits. and supplements. i'm not overdoing it with the Ezorb, only taking two teaspoons of it along with one 500 mg of calcium and getting the rest from food, - oh, and also a caramel Viactiv cause they're so easy to pop....;)
:eek: I went to a supposedly esteemed Naturopath a year ago and as a result I'm taking a combination of calcium (citrate, carbonate & glucomate) [U]with[/U] magnesium. I also take Vit D year round because of where I live. The amount of sunshine we get is worthless.

I have heard you shouldn't take Ca with fiber. I've been gorging on blueberries for breakfast lately with my Ca and just found out they are full of fiber so ya can't win. It's pretty hard to figure out how much ca you're getting in your meals so hopefully it's all working out in the end.:D

I was going around in circles for awhile because I'm such a perfectionist and want to do everything right but no more. I've got to live. I even have a couple of pepsis a week now in our hot weather. Sure tastes good!:) I did quit regular coffee though a couple of years ago so maybe Myth I'm still benefiting with the bean. lol

I go to osteo pilates twice a week for weight bearing and walk with a 5 lb weight on my back a few times a week. I also take Strontium citrate.

Ya do what ya can!

Thanks for all that info on soy! My daughter recently became a vegetarian and I'll pass it along.
ok! this is a new one on me. don't take calcium with fiber. what else shouldn't we take with calcium?? maybe we should stop taking calcium so we'll land up in the hospital and make the doctors and RX drug companies richer? i don't know about anyone else, but the past month since my diagnosis has been a real education - and not all necessarily in a positive way. every time i hear about something else not being good to take with your calcium it reconfirms what i've felt all along the insanity of our healthcare system in the US, the RX drug companies' tremendous control over what we take and don't take, doctors' refusals to be more homeopathic minded, etc. Now it's fiber and calcium, the other day it was soda and coffee, oh and don't take C with it either. even the MFRs of Ezorb are a bit mysterious with their information... i can't keep up with it! is it just too early on sunday morning for me to be reading this and actually responding, or does anyone else agree? i'm really a nice person!!!
Hi singingirl. I DO agree with you. Totally. My docs are always frowning and growling, and talking down to me.

I couldn't agree more regarding RX drug manufacturers having TOTAL control (or at least, wanting to), over what we medicate ourselves with, and the docs marching right along in tune with them:mad:

God forbid a patient might actually know his/her body and symptoms better than THEM:mad: and God forbid, the patient might actually have an opinion of their own. And God forbid, the RX drug manufacturers might make a few dollars LESS. Heaven forbid!!!!

We must be our own advocates. Have to be. Nobody else will do it for us. Yes, we go to our docs and ''so called'' health care professionals for advice, submit to all manner of tests (sometimes necessary, sometimes perhaps not), listen politely to their suggestions and hopefully (if the doc is willing to listen, that is), try to mutter a few words on our own behalf (if we can get a word in edgeways, that is).

Sorry for my little rant. I take a combo of calcium citrate/magnesium citrate/vit d. So far I'm feeling and doing fine. Walking keeps me sane. I eat whatever I want with my osteo supplements - I know there will be different opinions about what to take with what each and every day. I no longer take any notice;) Refused bisphos meds too (thank heavens)!

Another thing. I have had ONE DEXA scan, and will never do any more of those either. Sorry I even did THAT one. Now I've got mild osteo as a ''pre existing condition'' on my record:mad:

Try reading ''The Myth of Osteoporosis'' by Gillian Sanson. A great read.

the pharmaceutical companies & doctors (their puppets) foster a sickness industry with the questionable DEXA machine which cannot measure quality of bone ..(thin bones arent necessarily porous bones ) but according to them it is they sell us drugs & supplements as insurance against fractures & have themselves lifelong patients ( great for their bank accounts ) ;)

now Im all for a little insurance but it must be the right kind and the push for calcium supplements is a myth too because bone is made up of more than just calcium and supplementing will only calcium is a negative....

you need a combination of calcium, magnesium,manganese, silica etc etc, readily available in health food shops ,and of course vit D , & exercise

I simply take calcium combo away from food spread thru out the day
the vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so I take that with meals along with fish oil tabs and exercise with weights .....and thats it.... simple

I am going for my last DEXA in a few months only because its already booked in........what we really need is a revolution:blob_fire
what everyone just said here was so interesting to read. i actually feel the same about having had the bone scan, i wish i had never had it done. now i too have this diagnosis on my medical record. i was told that in the future if i was interested in long term care insurance it could be more difficult or more expensive with this diagnosis on my record. i did learn though that if you are not being treated for it; i.e., taking an RX drug, it's not as difficult to buy LTC insurance. i read these two recent posts from myth and montesflus to my friend who takes fosamax and she completely disagreed with what was written, loves her doctor and says that her follow up scan showed an improvement in bone density. is it true that those types of drugs can give a false/positive result on bone scan, meaning do these drugs use osteoclast cells to create bone density? i think that's what i read somewhere. my friend also warned me about taking too much vitamin D, she says we get enough from our multi and from being in the sun. here i go again, listening to a million different takes on the subject.
hi singingirl as we age we are not able to absorb enough vitamin D from the sun and a deficiency occurs ,it would be a good idea to have a blood test to determine your level of vitamin D before you supplement
as for fosamax, as I understand it fosamax works by killing off osteoclasts and inhibiting osteoblasts .......
by fosamax preventing bone breakdown, bone appears denser on the dexa scan, but it is old bone which will in time become weaker without the remodelling process ( osteoblasts) ... the risk of fractures actually increases as does the risk of yes it is a false positive

there is a wealth of information on the net , of the negative side effects of fosamax

I read that only five states make insurers accept everyone who applies regardless of pre-existing conditions; New York, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, and Mass. This should be a primary consideration to people who have pre-existing conditions and need medical insurance and plan to move out of these states.

I read that two insurers in Ca. are denying coverage to Lipitor users and it's one of the most highly prescribed drugs. The shame of it is many Lipitor users may be on the drug unnecessarily due to physician ignorance regarding medical tests called VAP and NMR which measure the particle size of cholesterol, not just high and low cholesterol counts. My doc was trying to put me on Lipitor for ten years and I refused, and guess what, when I finally heard about the VAP test and took it, my LDL particle size are all large and do not stick in the arteries, even though my cholesterol count is above the marker.

Some docs are prescribing Fosomax, Actonel, etc. to patients who are diagnosed with osteopenia, when there is no evidence the drugs help at that stage of bone loss, and the docs can be screwing up their patients ability to obtain medical insurance.

One time I went to the doc for a blood test, he never told me to fast before the test, and my sugar count came out so high he told me I was a diabetic!
I told him I wanted to take another fasting test and the sugar came out normal, but on a future visit I accidentally saw that the doc indicated on his office records that I am diabetic and I told the secretary to take it off my record immediately! I never went back to him.

Another time I had chest pain and was concerned so I went to a cardiologist. The first thing he did was give me a prescription for nitroglycerine, like I was having a heart attack or something, and then he ordered the stress test and echo cardiogram which all came out normal. I sent the prescription back with a note that I didn't fill the prescription because it wasn't needed and I requested it taken off my medical record because I would never be able to get life insurance.
I started taking EZorb for a heel spur. It worked fast in only 3 days, but by the second day I was experiencing eye migraines. Checked it out and found it is in the same family as aspartame(sweetner). I was taking the high dose they recommmended to start, maybe that was too much for me. I hate to stop but have got to get rid of the migraines first, then maybe try again at a lower dose. Would have been nice if they had disclosed that fact up front in their literature. Should have been skeptical of only glowing reports and no side effects!!
I teach chemistry so I know EZorb has nothing to do with aspartame. EZorb is calcium aspartate anhydrous. Three words define a single compound or a molecule - you can't separate the words.

As for migranes, I happened to be in the same situation at the beginning. Turned out I didn't follow the instructions. I have fibromyalgia as well as osteoporosis. I was told that EZorb works along with natural body clock and with fibro my clock is inconsistent so I need to take only in the morning and night. I did that and migranes' never returned. You might want to give it another try.

I've been on EZorb for over a year now. I've had great results on bone density. Most of my fibro problems are gone. I haven't had any side effects. Maybe it's just me but I believe the EZorb folks when they said there were no side effects.

[QUOTE=gschwatz;3847419]I teach chemistry so I know EZorb has nothing to do with aspartame. EZorb is calcium aspartate anhydrous. Three words define a single compound or a molecule - you can't separate the words.

As for migranes, I happened to be in the same situation at the beginning. Turned out I didn't follow the instructions. I have fibromyalgia as well as osteoporosis. I was told that EZorb works along with natural body clock and with fibro my clock is inconsistent so I need to take only in the morning and night. I did that and migranes' never returned. You might want to give it another try.

I've been on EZorb for over a year now. I've had great results on bone density. Most of my fibro problems are gone. I haven't had any side effects. Maybe it's just me but I believe the EZorb folks when they said there were no side effects.


I have been taking EZorb for 3 years and my Dexa has improved considerably. In the first year I went from Osteoporosis in one hip to Osteopenia and I have had absolutely no side-effects.
hi gloria - thanks for that info on Ezorb. I actually just reordered another bottle of it for a diagnosis of osteoporosis several months ago. So, I am continuing to take it though I won't really know if it is doing much good until I can have another bone scan this coming summer. It's expensive, so that's what keeps me wondering if it's worth it. But hearing your account of it does give me more confidence about continuing to invest in it. I've searched everywhere for the best prices on it. If you've got a secret distributor with great prices, sure would love to hear about it! Thanks.
[QUOTE=jrose1358;3663216]OK. I'm looking at the bottle of ezorb that I bought and now am not going to use. It is made up of both two things: calcium aspartate anhydrous 1120mg, and elemental calcium 146mg. (These number are for 2 capsules) I think elemental calcium is just the regular calcium you would find in something like citracal so 3 times that amount won't kill you but who knows what Calcium aspartate anydrous is?!?!?. They claim it is a much more absorbable form of calcium but you can hardly find any information about it anywhere. 1120mg is an awfully large number and 3 times that amount is huge! Makes me wonder what my body was absorbing that was so disagreeable. Also, if it is completely safe, why isn't Ezorb more forth-coming about what it is and where it comes from? One interesting point made in an article I ran across commented that "there are many substances that can take up residence in you bones - even lead can build up in your bones and cause increased bone mass (YIKES)! No thank you. I think I will continue to investigate options that are openly under research (ie strontium). Blessings - jrose[/QUOTE]

Lexie Poo

Yes, I have also wondered why EZorb is not forthcoming about everything. However, I did see significant improvment on my last Dexa after using EZorb for a year. EZorb is very expensive. However, it is the only product that took away my neck pain, back pain, and migranes; all symptoms of osteoporosis; and or arthritis; so I feel it is worth it. Now I am not missing as many work days. So I am happy with the results.

In most people, osteoporosis does NOT generally cause symptoms. That is why it's known as the ''silent'' disease. People aren't usually aware they even have it until they fracture, or do a DEXA scan. But even if it is found via DEXA scan, that also does NOT necessarily predict (or mean) that you WILL fracture. Just because you may have a low bone density, does not also mean that your bones aren't necessarily strong! General body aches and pains are usually arthritic. Migraines are also not considered a symptom of osteoporosis.

There is a book called ''The Myth of Osteoporosis'' by Gillian Sanson. Many on this board have read it. I highly recommend it.

I have been taking ezorb for 6-7 months now. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for the last 25 years. Finally, got a diagnosis last December and did some research. I did not want to start taking drugs. I found ezorb and was skeptical but decided to try it. I took it for 3 weeks and I felt I was no better. I decided to keep taking it even though the claim on the website says most patients will notice a difference in a few days, maximum 3 weeks. Anyway, I kept taking it, finally at about 5 weeks I noticed I wasn't as stiff and I felt a little better. Each day I took it I felt better. Now I can function at about 70 to 90% each day and feel better than I have in years. I do have to take 10 capsules a day as opposed to the recommended six, and I had to take it longer before I noticed a difference, however, I am now a functioning human being thanks to ezorb.

I do occasionally have a sleepless night, but for me that is a small price to pay. I understand that one product is not right for everyone. Elixir Industry, the company who makes and sells Ezorb, does have a very good standing on on Better Business Bureau website. I checked it out before I tried it.

I don't know about others, but those suffering from fibromyalgia, I would definitely encourage trying Ezorb for at least a couple months to see if it works for them.

Mom of eight.

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