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Hi, I am truly frustrated---just finished two years of daily injections with FORTEO at the end of June. My dexa shows so little improvement that it barely can be detected on chart!!!!! My T scores for spine are; -3.44, -3.98, -3.89, -4.46 and my hip scores are; -2.39, -2.71, -2.89. I am 66 years old and have never had a fracture, I do have lower back pain, but not yet severe. According to my scores, you would think that I would be a crippled up, bent over old women, but quite the contrary, I have good mobility (so far) and look very healthy. As they say, looks are deceiving, right? I am unable to take oral bisphos and my doc mentioned Reclast. However, he seems somewhat hesitant about this treatment and I certainly am due to all the possible side effects. Right now he just wants me to keep taking the calcium and vit D (50,000 units every 10 days) and see what my scores are next June. I can't find much info on this board about Reclast---seems everyone is afraid of it like myself....IS ANYONE OUT THERE USING THIS TREATMENT?, if so I would sure appreciate your letting us know how you are doing. I know it has only been approved for use for about 2 yrs., guess we will find out more as time goes by. Also, I would like to know if anyone else has had disappointing results with Forteo. It sure was a lot of trouble and expense for so little results!!! I plan on letting Eli Lilly know and encourage anyone else with little or no improvement to let them know that their expensive medicine is not the miracle that so many of us expected!!!!

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