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wildflowers - I took the prescription Vit. D that my doctor gave me. You can't buy that much Vit. D in one softgel over the counter. Now, I just buy the 800 unit D3 over the counter.

No, I have never heard of not taking the prescription form of Vit. D.

I only know that you have to have so much Vit. D in your system so the calcium will absorb properly. My osteoporosis had gotten so bad and that is why I finally went to another doctor who tested my Vit. D level first thing. He said that Vit. D is vital for bone health. If you are too low in the Vit. D, then nothing absorbs like it should. I think that's probably why the 50,000 units is okay for a short time. I took it for 6 months.

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