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Thank you Kathy, I haven't had my vitamin d tested since last year before taking forteo ( couldn't tolerate forteo) and it was good at that time. I will make a apt for a lab draw before I consent to that amt of vitamin d. I will be honest, I just don't know why that much vitamin d is needed? If perchance I am low, I do believe I will still have a problem taking that much at one time into my system. I appreciate your info.
I hope you are recovering well from your surgery:)
About your vitamin d-
First step-you need to get your vitamin d level checked and post your level
Second step-if you are deficient it would be best to raise your level
Vitamin d3 is the preferred source and not the d2 that comes in the super high prescription dose
And, I have read and been told by my bone specialist that it is not wise to get your vitamin d from cod liver oil because it is very high in vit A and too much vitamin A makes us more prone to fracture.So if you go to the store to get vit d3 --you can get higher doses now at the health food /vitamin supplement stores--just check the label and make sure you are not getting vit. A in there as well. I have seen doses of 1,000 and up to I think 5,000 as well as lower at the vit supplement store. If you are not comfortable with 50,000 a week maybe some mid point like 4,000 a day for awhile and then check your vit d levels and see how you are doing in a few months.It can take several months to get your stores up, but also you then need to be maintained on a dose that is adequate to keep your levels in the best range. Everyone is different as to how they metabolize vit d, what works for me or someone else may not work for you. Because vit d can affect calcium levels all this really should be done in connection with a dr. who will monitor your labs.

Raising and keeping your vitamin d at a decent level is a project. your . I do agree with you and do not like the 50,000 dose -chiefly because it is D2 and secondly because it is such a high dose taken in a single day.
If your doctor is inflexible and not helpful, sounds like time to make a change.
Let us know what your vit d level comes out to--I find it hard to understand that the doctor would write a prescription for a high dose of vit d without having the lab tests back.
Also--there is much thought that the daily recommended amount of vit d is too low. If you do supplement at a high dose, it is critical that you have your levels monitorred. So you need to work with a dr. that you like and trust . I would say if you can't get this vit d issue dealt with, with your current dr. , how would you deal with a very critical, stressful situation?
Talk to your friends and find a doc you get good reports on and that would be more compatible with you.
Did you stop the forteo?? You seemed to say it didn't agree with you. I completed 18 months and am so glad to be off of the forteo. I didn't have virtually any improvement in my spine and that is where I had the worst situation. My hips improved but because forteo is not supposed to effect the hip , I do not think it was the forteo but a serious walking program and the juvent vibration platform. Anyway,my body doesn't feel as stressed as it did while I was on forteo--I think it was very hard on me. I am now on hormone replacement therapy and somehow feel better--so whether it was quitting the forteo or starting the hormone replacement --I will never know.
I hope you will do well with your recovery from surgery. I would think healing amidst your blooming garden flowers would be excellent therapy for you. I believe I recall that you are a very devoted gardener . Enjoy the flowers.:)
Osteoblast, I am sorry I didn't answer your question regarding my quitting forteo. I took forteo for three weeks and was dizzy during that time and quite unwell, so dizzy and unwell it wasn't worth it. Before my doctor left for another hospital she wanted to put me on Evista, what do you think about Evista? I am at a point I have to make a decision fairly soon, I took alot of predisone, steroid paks, nerve block etc during my recovery and that had to have a effect on my bones. I was considering hormone replacement therapy, I have had a hysterectomy so I was wondering would I just take premarin like I did before the scare. I know now I will have to take something because of all the steroids. Thank you for any info you may have. It feels so good to be able to sit long enough to type and want to do it, I have missed all of you. Wildflowers

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