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Thank you monteflaus and T4T3 A pinched nerve when it causes severe pain from compression on a nerve root that isn't helped by conservative treatment, p t, injections, mediations, then surgery is the only alternative. My disc L5SI was compressing my nerve and I was in excruitating pain for months prior to surgery. Initially it happened I do believe when I was carrying heavy books from upstairs bedroom to the den downstairs, books are heavy alone but walking two flights of stairs reallly pushed my disc over it's limits. A microdisctomy is when they make a incision into your back and take out the disc that is pressing on the nerve. The substance between your disc is like toothpaste and when a tear is in your disc it can squeeze out and press on a nerve root. Some folks can have hernaited discs, bulging discs and never need to be operated on, that is as long as it doesn't press on a nerve. Sometimes the "toothpaste" stuff from the disc will be absorbed by the body over a period of time, needless to say I wasn't one of the lucky ones. Pain is a very humbling experience. They forgot to mention one of the side effects of the surgery is nerve pain, when you lift up a nerve to get to the disc, it gets very agitated and wakes up and lets you know it in no uncertain terms. It takes a long time for nerves to heal, someone said a inch a month. Thank you for your concern it is deeply appreciated. Sometimes you can have all of your loving family around and firends but feel very alone in your illness. My age I am sure has played a big role in my delayed recovery.
T4T3, I have lost all trust in the medical system the way it works right now, I felt like a piece of meat on a assembly line, many times no compassion just"what is your pain level" it is very disheartening when I remember a time when there was more empathy and compassion in the medical field. Now they have there face in a computer, looking only once and a while to ask a question, they are overworked, over scheduled and burn out. It's all about getting the most patients in and out, numbers, numbers, numbers. they are not able to spend the time with there patients. Sorrry for the long rambling, I didn't know I had all of this in me this morning. My feelings now are if you are not in pain, and your body plumbing works, its a good day. take care and good health Wildflowers

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