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Hi okie and :wave: welcome to the board. Being new to osteo can be overwhelming and scary, but once the shock has worn off you can get down to business and do the things that you can to stop it from getting worse. Your scores aren't that bad so you can make changes, like you already have, to improve them. I think the dr. with the try for a year and check again has the right idea. Did they know about the breast cancer scare you had in the past when they suggested going back on estrogen? With scores like you they are wise to keep you off actenol or fosomax for as long as possible. Did you tell your trainer you have osteo?

You might want to read [I]the Myth of Osteoporosis[/I] by Gillian Sanson, it has lots of good info and will go a long way in alleviating some of your fears. Many of us have found it helpful to have a point of view different from the mainstream reading.

I've been taking strontium for 2 years and did have improvement when i had a DEXA a year ago. If you do a strontium search from the box at the top of the page you can read threads from here about it. Or you can do a search and find good info. I've never tried coral calcium so i can't help you on that one. There are many well informed people here who can answer questions, give advice and give great support. take care...phyllis

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