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Hi caff55..i looked up it up and it sounds like a good product. I read parts but not all of it. The one thing to keep in mind is that they are trying to sell product along with the good results they claim. I am not saying they are the only one that does that, they all do. It's our job to decide which one we feel is the best for us as individuals. The strontium citrate i take is from NSI (ordered online), cost less and you only take 2 caps together once a day. I take mine at bedtime. Its what i've been taking and its what i've gotten the results with. I guess the bottom line in all this is finding what works for you and what you believe in.

I tried actenol for a couple of months and then decided i didn't want to take that path. It was during that time that i researched strontium and decided that was what i was going to do. My dr. knows i'm taking it, has seen the results and is still hesitant to tell other osteo patients about it. Many mainstream drs. are hesitant to try new things even when they have shown t o be safe and effective.

Good luck on your are getting plenty of exercise, but i would suggest adding weight training. The more muscle you have the more support you have for your bones since it's the pull of the muscle on bone during lifting that makes the bone stronger. take care...phyllis

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