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Osteoporosis at 39
Sep 25, 2008
I am a 39yo premenopausal female recently diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Sorry for the long post but there’s lots of history here: I was a long distance runner in my late 20s and just after turning 30, I developed a stress fracture of my left femoral neck which ended up being a full fracture after a bad fall. I had hip surgery and insertion of 3 surgical pins, and ended up making a quick, full recovery. My Dr didn’t see a need for a DEXA because he said that he could tell just from performing the surgery that my bones were in good shape (“I’ll be absolutely shocked if you have osteoporosis” he said) but I persisted, and had the DEXA scan, and my Dr was indeed shocked to see that I was in the osteopenia range and was only one SD from having full blown osteoporosis in my “good hip.” He was reluctant to give me meds because of my age and the side effects, so he told me to take calcium and Vitamin D supplements, exercise, and not drink and colas, for 1 year. I did this, and one year later I had a new DEXA scan. Well, the day after the scan they called me from the hospital and asked me what kind of meds I was taking because my BMD had increased to one SD below normal BMD, which they claimed was probably the highest increase they had ever seen. They were shocked I was not taking any meds. I didn’t get T or Z scores for my early DEXAs because I didn’t even know about those when all of this happened,( but I have asked my previous Dr’s office to send my records to my new Dr so I should have those soon).

Eight years later - I’ve felt very healthy and rarely have any pain associated with the hip. I do a vigorous yoga class 4-5 days a week, and I walk everywhere. I haven’t stuck to the calcium and vitamin D like I should have (I take a one-a-day with ~60% dv calcium and vitamin D), and I did start drinking cola again (1 a day), but I think that I eat a fairly balanced diet. But I have had lots of problems with my teeth over the years that have lately become worse – constant decay despite good habits, 2 cracked teeth, 1 extracted tooth and a failed implant – and with that added to my history of hip fracture, I decided to ask my pcp for another DEXA scan. We were both shocked by the results! My femoral neck T score is -2.6 and Z score -2.3, and my overall hip region T score is -2.2 and my Z score is -2.1. However, my spine seems to be pretty close to normal: T score -0.5 and Z score -0.3. I feel (felt!) so normal and healthy and I don’t have any pain at all in either hip, even though I do so much stretching and one-legged balancing and strength training in yoga class!
My pcp referred me to an internist, who decided to do the whole blood/urine/24hr pee in a jug-thing, to try and find a secondary cause (this was yesterday), and I haven’t heard back from them yet – but in the meantime, I am just still in shock and would like to hear if anyone has/has heard of any cases similar to mine… ? Is it normal to have a big discrepancy between spine and hip? Is it normal to have a HUGE discrepancy between DEXA results done 1 year apart at the same hospital?

Also, the internist is suggesting Fosamax but I am worried about this, especially after all of the dental problems I have had in the past – doesn’t that put me at a higher risk of jaw necrosis?

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