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Just wondering...would a "surgical fracture" heal any differently than an accidental fracture? It just seems to me that each would heal at the same density and speed.

I can identify with the toe and heel fractures! Almost 12 yrs. ago, (I was 50) I broke my heel...all the toes on that foot...and a little bone on the side of the foot from a 12" fall off a utility stool at school! Youch! I ended up with a cast.... then that boot for 3 months straight...not being able to put any weight at all on that foot for the entire time.

Being a person who never sits...and just getting ready for our busiest time at school...I found myself sitting at home feeling extremely sorry for myself. I hated those crutches...but it was the only "transportation" I had! I sat mummified in front of the TV...but did learn a few new words from the Jerry Springer show!!

An Adult Ed student of mine who is a Physicians Asst. insisted I get the DEXA scan...the 3 Drs. who had taken care of me never even thought of osteoporosis.....and I was diagnosed with severe osteo at age 50.

Back to the bone-healing...the toes on that foot are all nice and straight...while the toes on the "normal" foot remain gnarly and crooked! (too much goin' barefooted in my younger days!) The heel does remind me of what happened on cold the wrist and arm that have also fractured in the last couple years.

Hope this helps.....Pam;)

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