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I was given a prescription for mine and I was only to take one pill ONCE a week till they were gone and then I was to purchase the over the counter ones in less milligrams.
I agree with chronietoo that you should be very careful and only a dr.'s supervision if you're taking a high dosage of D. because it can be very toxic to the body if taking in high quanties if not needed.

Do you have a vitamin D deficiency or something?

I did, and that's why I was told to take it. My level was at 19 when I was diagnosed. I was wondering why I was getting so sick and in such pain all through out my joints and body. Not even my family dr. thought of testing my level. It was my rheumytologist that thought of testing it after he found out i have fibromyalgia and the medicine wasnt' helping me after a month.

I was so greatful he found it. this way I got treated and I can now at least turn my neck while driving without me hitting the roof of my car in pain.
I also feel that because my vit. D level was so low for so many years that it's the cause of me getting osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in my spine, hips and wrists and hands and feet. I am literally falling apart. All because i was vit. D deficient. so many people are being diagnosed with it and don't even know why they're in pain because of it.

PLUS by doing research, I found out there are two different types of vitamin D on the market and only the vitamin D3 works best for a vitamin D deficiency.



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