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Isn't osteopenia the beginnings of osteoporosis?
or is it something else?

I don't have a moment right now to do a search on it.

but if I'm correct and it is the beginnings of osteo, then YES, osteopenia CAN be painful. I know so because it happened to me and it was years before they finally performed a dexa scan on me, the very first one, and found out I had full blown osteoporosis.

back in 2000, when my back pain first started, i used to complain frequently to my family dr. about it, but he never did anything about it. he never ordered me the dexa scan. Not until I was 47 yrs. old did they order one and it was my gynocologist that ordered it.

I was very upset when I found out I had it because my dr. could've found out sooner when I had the beginnings of it and I could've treated it sooner.

AND ontop of the osteoporosis, they found out I also have osteoarthritis in my spine. I always had a deep achey pain in my spine if I stood too long while cooking a big family meal. I'd have to go and lay down on a bed to staighten out my spine and it would take a good 30 minutes for the pain to subside.

Now I'm stuck with them not being able to do anything for me and I suffer every single day with pain. At night is the worst when I have to lay down in bed. if I stay in bed too long, I can't even turn over onto my side the pain is so crippling.
my dr. mentioned once in conversation about performing a bone scan but never did it. he also mentioned about testing the bone marrow and never got around to doing that either.
I'm beginning to think my dr isn't so competent after all.

now that I'm going over all this with you, i"m really angry! which is what I need to give me the incentive to pursue another dr. who will listen to me and who will help me. Did I mention that my hip is now in agony? yeah, I had to go for an xray yesterday to find out why this has been happening for a month now out of the clear blue sky.
it came on sudden and for no reason such as exurstion or exercise, or pulling it.

so If I were you, I'd do something about the osteopenia before it turns into full blown osteoporosis or arthritis.

I'm 48 yrs old and have the bone and joint troubles of a much older woman.
and I'm not overweight which can add to the pain of these disorders I have.

Take care of yourself, before you know it, time will have gone by and you'll be even achier just because of the normal aging process.


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