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Hello and welcome to the board... Hi Starfish....when i told my dr. i was going to use strontium instead of the actenol he prescribed he really didn't say much except that he didn't agree with my decision. After 9 months of use i had a DEXA that showed improvements in both total hips and lumbar spine... he still didn't want to believe that what i was doing was working. In his mind if something isn't FDA approved it can't possibly be safe and effective to use. The one thing that helped was when i told if anything went wrong in the future that i wouldn't hold him responsible a broken hip or something. Relieving him of the possibility of a malpractice suits seemed to soothe some of his his concerns. I'm due for another DEXA in the spring and am hoping for even more improvements.

I also get plenty of exercise, take supplements and try to eat healthy most of the time.

For the new have to be an advocate for your care and what you you want to do and what you don't want to do with your body. It's your job to research of your options, to take a list of questions with you when you see/talk to your dr. and not let the dr. scare you into something you don't want. Bottom line is that you have to find the treatment that is right for you and is one you can live with. Please read the book starfish mentioned..its a good one. take care..phyllis

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