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Hi sounds like you are doing all the right things..but like Starfish said even doing the right things doesn't promise good dense bones thru out life. And we really don't know what our density was at our could've been on the low side our whole lives. So far i don't hunch or have a hump. I've worked hard to keep my shoulders muscles strong...did the PT give you exercises for your deltoids, lats and shoulers? Its the upper back muscles that help keep the shoulders back and your posture nice and straight. Good core muscles help keep the lower back strong and protected.

Are you lifting weights in addition to the running? Are you very thin? Are you still having periods? While being too overweight isn't good for us, carrying more weight is better for the bones. Is the muscle weakness and tiredness something new or has it been ongoing? Standing up straight shouldn't make you tired. Have you mentioned this to the dr? Sorry for so many questions...take care...phyllis

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