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Re: Vitamin k
Jan 2, 2009
Hi Kat: I can't find any studies or trials on the combo of K2 and Forteo. That doesn't mean they don't exist, so I would check out the info Canna gave you and see if there is any reference to this. There have been studies on HRT, Bisphosphonates, and I think SERMS, and K2, plus some other meds, but no mention with Forteo. That may be because both K2 and Forteo have similar reactions on calcium, D25 and D 1,25.

You've probably read about the use of it in Japan with pretty good results on fracture prevention and bone loss reduction, but since K2 affects calcium metabolism and Forteo does the same thing, I would worry about the combination.

Since Forteo may raise your calcium and D 1,25 and lower your D 25, do we know what the addition of K2 might do.

I ended up with *slight* hypercalcemia from Forteo, but it went away when I finished the 2 years. I asked my mineral metabolism Dr about adding K2 and she was worried about the *possible* affect on calcium metabolism, in my case.

Most people don't have the problem that I did, but since you can only use Forteo for 2 years and it's so expensive, I would worry about adding a supplement (K2) that works on calcium metabolism like Forteo does.

It's up to you, and let me know if you find any studies on this since I was curious about it for a long time. Maybe a nutritionist or a Dr in mineral metabolism would know the answer.

If you weren't taking Forteo, I would say go ahead if your Dr agrees, but if you are on Forteo, make sure there's no contraindication with the two. You aren't taking Warfarin are you? If you have any clotting problems be sure that you watch vitamin K intake since it has the blood clotting factor potential and Warfarin does the opposite, works to prevent blood clots.

I did really well on Forteo, so it turned out to be worth the expense, but experimenting with it does scare me a little since it's so potent, and we only have the one shot at tx for 2 years. Maybe taking K2 before or after Forteo would be a good idea-but it is up to you. Be sure to have your calcium and vitamin D levels checked while on Forteo. You want Forteo to raise calcium and possibly D, if it's low, but [U] not [/U] above normal range. Because my calcium shot up, I had to limit my cal intake, but that *only* applies to people who develop hypercalcemia from Forteo. I believe I already gave you the Cleveland Clinic article, on Forteo, that explains this? If not let me know.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.:wave: (PF)
Re: Vitamin k
Jan 3, 2009
Hi Kat: Here's the Cleveland Clinic pdf on Forteo. Pay particular attention to the paragraph on calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus metabolism with Forteo.

Good luck to your husband with the K2 hopefully it will help him regain some bone density. :)


You don't need to worry about your calcium/D levels but it's a good idea to keep an eye on them as is suggested by Eli Lily, the Cleveland Clinic and FDA.

Take Care and all the luck to you both...:angel:

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