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Re: Vitamin MK-7
Jan 5, 2009
Hi carol... I don't know about brands or how well they are absorbed.. Nature Made has a liquid cap and i imagine there are other brands out there too.

Hi mskaty...i took actenol for a couple of months and just stopped without any problems except the minor side effects went away. I waited a month and then started strontium. I don't take the mk-7 so i can't help with that one. There are so many things to try and so many dos and don'ts that i stick to a few and let the others go. I also get plenty of exercise. If your don't have a fitness plan now is a good time to get one. Walking is good and so is weight training.

have a good day...take care..phyllis
Re: Vitamin MK-7
Jan 11, 2009
Hi mskaty...well said, you and your husband have come up with a solution that is right for you and one that is sounds like you'll be able to live happily with. I too believe that the pharma companies have created the need/fear for so many women and men to take the osteo drugs. Us baby boomers are a great source of income for them and they know we all want to stay healthy and active for as long as possible. There is a big difference between bone density and bone strength and i feel even without perfect density if your bones are good and strong they will carry you a long way. Also, just because the density isn't perfect it doesn't mean they you will or ever will break a bone. Like everything else its luck of the draw and hoping for good odds. And you are so right...exercise, supplements and a good diet not only help the bones, but the rest of you as well.

Hi have a choice, you can either follow what your dr. says to do or follow your own instincts. Your dr, being a dr, is trained to do what he can for his patients, so he will encourage the drugs and trust the mainstream way of doing things. He is also being guided by the pharma reps who come to his office with samples and a sales pitch. Its up to you to decide which route is best for you. When i was first dx i was told to take actenol, which i did for 2 months. After minor side effects popped up i decided it was not right for me. I told my dr. that i stopped and was going to try strontium instead. He wasn't happy with that but when i told him he was off the hook for any future happenings he seemed relieved. That was the right decision for me. Have you discussed your doubts with the dr? If not, the next time you see him go armed with info that supports whatever route you decide to take. he will either agree or disagree, but the decision is yours.

take care...phyllis

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