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Hi cody48,
I personally only know 3 people who have taken Fosamax. My mother’s best friend took it for about 6 months and then had to stop because she had terrible jaw and neck pain. A friend of mine has taken it for osteopenia for about 2 years and hasn’t had any unpleasant side effects, and her 2nd bone scan showed that her bone density did not change after ~18 months of starting the drug. A distant relative took Fosamax long term (I think for about 6 years) and she fell on the sidewalk one day and broke her thigh bone (her first fracture ever); I think that she healed OK and I am not sure if she is still taking Fosamax. Her doctor felt that this was a result of osteoporosis and that it was not one of the low-impact thigh frax associated with Fosamax - but who knows...?
I have opted not to take Fosamax (I am 40, premenopausal, with osteoporosis in my right femoral neck and history of a sports related stress frax/full frax of my other hip, so I am considered high risk), at least not until I reach menopause, and maybe not even then… My personal opinion is that Fosamax is over-prescribed considering how serious of a drug it is. I have had 3 doctors recommend Fosamax to me, and my experiences have ranged from mild ridicule to downright unpleasant when I have “refused treatment”, even though Fosamax is not approved for premenopausal women with idiopathic osteoporosis. Even the nurse who first called me to give me the bad news about my T scores said that I “need to take Fosamax”. I just feel that Fosamax is the knee jerk, one size fits all, reaction to a low T score, so I agree with jenj770 that Fosamax seems like an overreaction for osteopenia. Has your doctor discussed with you your T scores/Z scores and actual risk?

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