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Hello Britt!
I havent been here in ages, but I wanted to share that I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2006 at 34 years of age. I had a hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries just one year prior in 2005 (started on hrt right away), but I am guessing the osteoporosis started long before that. I didnt get my first period until I was 16 due to anorexia nervosa (which I am battling again at 36 and am in treatment for), but also around the same time I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been on thyroid meds for twenty years. I have heard that thyroid meds and thyroid conditions can contribute to thinning of the bones, especially if you are overtreated/undertreated for it. My levels tend to fluctuate wildly so I have had many dose adjustments.
I also have a smaller frame and wonder how much that has an impact on my dexa results. The first year after my first dexa I diligently took calcium and vitamin D (1500 calcium and 1000 IU D) daily as well as started a weight bearing exercise program, switched my hormone replacement therapy to something my body will absorb and is stronger (Vivelle Dot patch which is FDA approved to fight osteoporosis), and also took Miacalcin which was prescribed. In addition I gained weight (about fifteen lbs during a recovery process from an eating disorder). My scores went from -3.2 in spine to -3.0 in one year, and my hips went from -1.8 to -1.4 in one year. So there is hope.
Unfortunately I lost almost 40 lbs last year and am battling being severely underweight and trying to regain and my hormones are a mess, so I can only imagine what my scores are now. I will find out in September.
I hope you are able to zero in on a cause so you can fight this disease to the best of your ability. It is scary at our age but I do believe with the right help we can improve our outcome. Good luck to you and just know there are many of us younger ones out there dealing with this!

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