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I'm 55 now and found out I had osteoproisis when I was 52. I was shocked too:o
I was on Forteo for 15 months. The side effects that I had weren't as bad as the Fosamax side effects. On Forteo the first few days I had an upset stomach for a few hours after taking the injection, but that went away. I also had a little bone pain in my lower legs once in awhile. It really wasn't that bad. I just got so tired of giving myself a shot everyday. I was glad to get off of it.

I had another DXEA scan 15 months after starting Forteo and I got worse so the doctor took me off. I had the DEXA done on a different machine so that could be why. I started out at 3.0 and after 15 months on Forteo it was 3.3. Now I'm on Strontium, hopfully that will help.

Good luck:)


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