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Apr 7, 2009
I'm glad I found this board and will appreciate your responses. I've done a lot of research but I never heard about Strontium. I remember a little from the chemistry class... I have my 2nd DEXA resulsts (first for the very first time I did last year) and found out I had osteroporosis. I had -2.5 for lower spine. I haven't taken any action, just eaten a lot of calcium contain food. Done another DEXA a few weeks ago-(-2.4) in lower spine. Went to physician, he precribed Actonel monthly. Read all the reviews and was scared of side affects. Went to endocrinologist-she prescribed Evista. Got scary again of the side effects... Take 500mg calcium with Vitamin D and Vitamin D 3 (1000). Eat a lot of cottage cheese, salmon, etc.
Strontium-it not FDA approved, no prescription, etc. Also is it ranelate? citrate. Please advise.
Re: Strontium
Apr 9, 2009
Hi mashaf...i wrote a quick note on the other thread before seeing this post, so if i repeat myself , bear with me...hahaha. You're right, strontium is not FDA approved, but they are studying it for possible approval in the future, in the form of strontium malonate. I found out about strontium from reading about it on this board and doing my own research.. It is a natural supplement that is similar to calcium which is why it can't be taken at the same time as calcium..they would compete for absorption and neither wouldbe able to do what its supposed to. Renalte is a salt they add to the strontium citrate in Protelos so they could get a patent on it. A natural substance/supplement can't be patented. Who to consult about it is a good question, since its not FDA approved most mainstream drs. aren't familiar with it, but if you could find a dr. who practices natural medicine they could help you. I think most of us here using it have done our own research and made the choice for ourselves.

There are many good brands on the market, strontium citrate being the most used. The one i use is NSI strontium. I've been taking it for almost 3 years with no side effects excepted improved density and healthy teeth. You might also be able to find it in some stores, but in my area i haven't seen it on the shelves..a health food store may carry it. If you have any more questions just ask..there are plenty of smart people here who will help.

You mentioned in your other post that you walk, do you also do a few days of weight training during the week? Both weight bearing and weight training a very good for the bones. Its the pull of the muscle against the bone during weight training that makes the bone stronger.

take care...phyllis
Re: Strontium
Apr 9, 2009
Hi Mashif...Welcome. I was dx with osteoporosis in 2006. I had a -3 in lumbar spine. Was scared to death of taking any biophosphates. Started taking strontium citrate. It can be found in health food stores, but it is expensive there. You can order it online for 1/3 the price in the store. I took it for two years. In 2008 I had to under go breast cancer treatment, so I had to stop all vitamins for about 7 months. But I continued with my walking and weight bearing exercise. I had a dexa a few months ago, and I had a 10.8% increase in my lumbar spine. I went to -2.2.I no longer have osteoporosis. I would say that exercise at least 3x aweek, vit, and a good diet and strotium is the way to go. Also biophosphates are a problem if you need any kind of dental surgery. And definately do weight bearing exercise. If you are new to exercise, start slowly. All throughout this ordeal with the osteo, the doctors kept trying to push me into taking these awful drugs. I am so glad I did not give in. I have read that when you are in the osteopenia range especially, it is easier to reverse this. If you are -2.4..,you are still osteopenic. Also probably what you read about in chemistry class is a different kind of strontium.
Re: Strontium
Apr 9, 2009
Hi mashaf, first of all relax ;), you''ll get the hang of everything pretty quick. how much you order depends on how many cpaps are in the bottle. The NSI Strontium i order can be bought in 240 caps per bottle or 3 months worth. Other brands come in 60 or 120 per bottle. If your ordering online i'd go with the the largest size you can find in the brand you want to save on having to reorder too soon and to save on shipping.

YES, you do have to keep taking calcium supplements. You need atl east 1000 mg. of calcium a day that can be from both supplements and the food you eat. Just be sure not to take the calcium anywhere near the strontium. If you take your calcium during the day and the strontium at bedtime you'll have plenty of time between the two. They are both needed, but not at the same time.

Weight bearing exercises are ones where your foot strikes the ground every time . Walking, jogging, running, marching are all examples of weight bearing. Bike riding isn't since you feet don't touch the ground. For weight training you'll want to start with light hand weights (2 -3 lbs. is a good place to start) and progress slowly. If there is a gym with good trainers or you have access to a physical therapist they could both give you good advice and tips on how to get started and what is best for you to do. Be the turtle..slow and steady gets the job done. You could also do a search to find exercises that are geared to those with osteo. You'll also want to do abdominal exercises to strenghten your core. strong abdominal muscles support and protect the lower back. And don't need to carry weights while walking or jogging unless you want to.

A good book to read is [B]The Myth of Osteoporosis[/B] by Gillian Sansone...its a very informative book that has lots of good info and insight into living with osteo. many here ahve found it very helpful when first dx. take care..phyllis
Re: Strontium
Apr 10, 2009
I really have to give a word of caution to anyone considering ezorb. Personally I believe they are a lot of hype. And also there have been very recent studies proving that too much calcium can be harmful in many ways. I know that they iniatially reccomend very high doses when beginning their program. Too much calcium especially for women has been found harmful to the heart. Heart desease is the # 1 killer of women. Though calcium is needed for osteo, taking too much of any brand could be harmful. Better to get most of your calcium from food. I also doubt if there is anyone on this site who has reversed their osteoporosis with just ezorb- which is what this company touts. What they do have going for them-is they happen to be very good salesmen. Reversing osteoporosis takes a lot more than swallowing large doses of calcium. It requires a lifestyle change. I know this to be true, because I have done it, and I am not alone.Probably the most important aspect is exercise. They have even done studies in old age homes where the patients exercise while sitting, and even there they have achieved increases in bone density.Anyway I say be cautious when it comes to ezorb(watch your pocketbook).
Re: Strontium
Apr 11, 2009
The kind of calcium in Ezorb is not problematic in terms of taking too much, as with many other types of calcium. Until recently (when I started adding Strontium in the evening), I had only been taking Ezorb for a few years and my Dexa results definitely changed for the better. I was not able to exercise at all during this time due to a back problem, so I credit Ezorb for the good results. I believe there are others on this board who also use, and are happy with, Ezorb. My story alone proves their claims are not unfounded. Yes, it is expensive, depending on how much you take, but [I]certainly[/I] not harmful!

The reason we take a calcium supplement (or any supplement for that matter) is because we cannot get what we need from just food. If we could, our Dexa results would be different.

Re: Strontium
Apr 11, 2009
Hi Jen...Unless you tell us your age, dexa scores, and amount of increases obtained over the years you took ezorb, then your story proves nothing to me and others. I only take 500mg a day of calcium, and I plan to continue to be conservative, as I believe the studies done recently that state how too much calcium can cause clogged arteries(heart desease and kdney stones). It has never been proven that we cannot obtain the calcium we need through food. Its just a matter of eating the right foods, such as dark greens, salmon, sardines, blackstrap molasses, low-fat of non-fat yogurt, etc. On the contrary it is the supplements that have been time again proven to be unreliable. There was a poster here, a few years back, who was able to break down what exactly was in ezorb(turned out to be a compilation of three different forms of calcium). So I don't think it is all that different from other forms of calcium, and it also could be harmful-if too much is taken. Really sorry to hear about your back problem, but if it is healed, there is nothing better than weight bearing exercise for osteo(walking and lifting light weights). I am postmenopausal and attribute my bout with osteo to loss of estrogen.

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