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Hi, your numbers aren't that bad. Your hips are in osteopenia range, but your spine is in the osteoporosis range. Being as young as you are you can make changes in your lifestyle that will help your bones both now and in the future. Eating a healthy diet is important. Lots of fruits, veggies, calcium from both dairy and non dairy sources(like dark green veggies and beans), lean protein and whole grains. Weight training is good for the bones (start with light weights and build from there slowly), but you also need weight bearing. You might want to talk to a personal trainer or physical therapist ..they can both give you advice on what and how to dfferent exercise. Weight bearing exercises are ones where your foot hits the ground at each step..walking, jogging, climbing steps, jumping. Going for walks or hikes is probably one of the best and easiest things you can do.

Have you talked to your dr. about what supplements to take? A good place to start would be with calcium, D3, magnesium, fish oil and a multivitamin.

This is the nutshell version of what to can find more info online and others wiil add their advice. nice to meet you..take care..phyllis

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