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[QUOTE=phylwill1152;3994362]Hi Tami...first of all your scores aren't that bad..they are in the osteopenia range, not osteoporosis. The scores you have are telling you that its time to make a few lifestyle changes to stop the progression into osteoporosis. I was treated for Graves Disease (hyperthyroid) 5 years ago and like you believe my osteo came from being hyper off and on for several years before being dx and treated. Are you still in the finding the best dose for you stage? You want to take the dose that makes you feel the best, but not too much. I also imagine all the pregnancies and nursing took some calcium too. Be sure to take your thyroid meds well away from any calcium supplements. Calcium can interfere with the absorption of the thyroid meds. I take mine first thing in the morning and calcium after lunch.

Have you started taking supplements...calcium, magnesium, and vit D3 are good ones to start with. Does you diet include both dairy and non dairy sources of calcium, lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein and whole grains? Those foods will not only be good for you and your bones but your kids and husband as well. You walking plan sounds good, but your need weight training too. You might want to tall to a trainer or physical therapist to get some ides of what is best for you. There are also plenty of sources online. You get plenty of exercise just chasing after your kids. Waht are their ages?

I am one of the ones taking strontium. Its a safe natural alternative choice that you can get online and at some stores. In the almost 3 years i've been taking it i have had no side effects. If you put strontium in the search box at the top of the page you'll find many threads discussing it. It has to be your decision to take the fosmax or not, listen to what your gut and head tell you. I took actenol for a couple of months and the whole time i knew it was wrong for me. I made the decision to try strontium and haven't had that feeling since. For me it was the right choice. Before you make any decisions read the book [I]The Myth of Osteoporosis [/I] by Gillian Sanson. Its a very informative book that will clear up some questions for you, many of us found it very helpful when we were first dx.

If you have any other questions just ask...this is a very helpful board full of helpful willing people. take care...phyllis[/QUOTE]

Hi Phyllis, thanks soo much for your reply...You have no idea how much it means to me to have someone to talk to that knows about this... See I was told I have Osteoporosis by my Dr..I am soo glad my numbers aren't that bad and it is just Osteopenia range... I feel better already lol!
I am still trying to get my dosage of synthroid right... I take caltrate 1200 mg. I am on prescription Vit D right now. Is there a better calcium for me to be taking? I am not taking magnesium right now, should I be?
I love walking, and do a little running too. I just got a new strength training video that you use the big rubber band. I really like it a lot...I am going to call my insurance co. and see if they will cover for me to go to physical therapy. Did yo have it? Do you mind me asking what age you were when you found out you have this?
Oh, my children's ages are 17, 14, 12, 10, 8, 5, and 3 four girl's and three boy's. They do keep me very busy... I love them to death!:)
I know it is up to me to decide what I should take...I am just really unsure about the fosamax...I would love to try something more natural. What do you think of me trying the strontium for a year. Do you think that would be risky? I will have another dexa scan in a year my Dr. said I was thinking of trying it for a year and if I don't have any results maybe trying something else... I was just nervous because I don't know that much about this yet, and didn't want to get worse. Do you have any pain? My legs hurt me a lot...not sure why. I will definitely get the book you recommended. again thanks sooo much for all your help! You are a real sweetie pie:)
Hope to talk with you again soon,

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