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Hello everyone, I am hoping to get some information regarding my new Dx of osteoporosis and osteopenia. I know this is long, but I am very frustrated at this point...

About Me: I am a 31 year old hispanic male. I have been weight training since high school and have competed in all Natural (no steroids, etc.) bodybuilding competitions. I live a very healthy lifestyle with a well balanced diet (low fat), NO carbonated beverages, No Alcohol, No smoking... I do have a physical job working as a courier for an express delivery company. ;-)

How it started: Back in January I began to feel discomfort in my lower back region. I went to a chiropractor and he found that I had a compression fracture in my lower spine. I went to my PCP and he said it was just a strain and doubted the compression fracture. I decided to go on light duty at work to help my body heal. However, the pain worsened. I went to a Spine doctor and had the worst experience...He pretty much dismissed me as a young guy just wanting to get out of work. (He didn't even do a physical assessment!) He wrote me a Rx for an arthritis medication, told me to "suck it up" and sent me on my way! He did order an x-ray at least, but said it was perfectly normal. I decided to see a different PCP, he collaborated with the chiropractor and did indeed see the compression fracture. He ordered a Dexa scan and to his surprise it showed osteoporosis in my lumbar spine and osteopenia in my hip.

My scores: Lumbar spine T-Score: - 2.9
Left hip: T Score: -1.1

He ordered several other tests as this was cause for alarm being my excellent physical health and condition. He ran a CBC, Celiac panel, Thyroid, Hormones, 24 hour urine collection, calcium, vit. D....ALL came back NORMAL. He warned me about the risk of injuring my back due to the osteoporosis and restricting my lifting. He referred me to an endocrinologist.

Present: I went to the endocrinologist today and am left soo confused. He wants to see the x-rays of course as he also doubts the compression fractures. He wants to confirm the pain is actually due to compression fractures and will possibly schedule an MRI. He said that although my T-score shows osteoporosis in my spine, I only have a 5% (approx.) risk of injury and that I can still carry on doing my job and everyday activities without worry of injury. (This surprised me as I told him I do have to lift very heavy freight at times - even up to 150 pounds!) Here he's telling me not to worry, yet my PCP is giving me weight restrictions and telling me I can risk paralysis if I over do it!?!?!?! He also said that he will not prescribe me anything. He didn't even recommend adding calcium as he thinks I am getting enough in my diet! So basically I am not doing anything different. Well, I ended up this way some how?

So NOW WHAT? I am sooo frustrated.

I am open to any thoughts and feedback! Thanks to those of you that had it in you to read ALL OF this! I appreciate the support!

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