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Hi Kat these are good questions...Like anything else you have to do your homework and then decide if its right for you. take care...phyllis

How long have you taken it?.....I've been taking it for 3 years and will continue for a couple more..

How did you come to the decision to start taking it?.....when i was dx i took actenol for 2 months and never felt right about. I read about strontium and decided it was a safer route for me to take.

Do you work in consultation/conjunction with your doctor in taking it?.....My dr. knows im taking it and has seen my results but won't recommend it to others since its not FDA approved yet.

Do you take it instead of taking calcium?.....No, while taking strontium you need at least 1000 mg. of calcium a day, but not at the same time, they need to be separated .

Do you have osteoporosis or osteopenia? when dx. i had osteo in my spine and osteopenia in my both scores are in the osteopenia range.

Has it helped you since taking it?..... yes, my bone density has gotten better and i seem to ahve fewer aches and pains.

What side effects have you experienced from it?..... None at all.

Do you find the Strontium you use locally or do you order it online? I order it online.

How can you tell if you're buying it from a reputable source or if it is "pure" (for lack of a better term)?....that's a good just have to trust the brand you take. I take NSI strontium and from the results i believe it is a good source.

And why can't I seem to find it in stores that I walk in around here?.....I think maybe because its not one of the more common supplements, but as more people give it a try we may see it on shelves.

And, if you know, what is the difference between carbonate and ranelate (I've seen both terms associated with it). ....the active ingredient in Strontium renalate is strontium citrate. SR or Protelos is the prescription form, the renalte is a salt that is added so they could get a patent. A natural supplement can't be patented

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