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Don't think reaching max heart rate matters, when it comes to increasing bone density. It is the muscles pulling on the bones that is important.I also avoid high impact, as I also from time to time experience back pain. I do not know if age has anything to do with it,but I am 59. Last year I pulled my back, lifting something, and was in excruciating pain for days.There are qiute a few different brands of strontium online. I use Dr. Best strontium bone maker. Do not know where you live, but here in New york city, most all health food and vitamin shoppes sell it. But you can find it online for 1/3 the price. In store it is about $30. for 60. Online can be got for $11 for 60. (much more feasable,esp. for me) You have to take 340mg tablets daily, and it has to be taken two or three hours after your last calcium.The best of luck to you.

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