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I started vitamin D 2000 IU per day on 2-1-07 and Vitamin D 50,000 IU every 10 days on 2-1-08. Vitamin D blood levels done every 3 to 4 months and still only 42 last week. I also started Evista 60mg on 2-1-09, EZorb one tsp daily (calcium aspartate anhydrous) on 4-1-09, Strontium one capsule-340mg daily on 6-1-09, and Biosil 5mg daily on 8-1-09. I spaced them out and started the lower dose on each as I often have side effects. I thought it would be more important to get a smaller dose of everything and figure out the spacing so I don't take any of them together and none within 3 hours of taking my levoxyl (thyroid supplement). The only side effect I had was when I started Strontium, I was taking it in the middle of the night when I got up to the bathroom with a good amount of water but it kept me awake the rest of the night. Now I take it at 8AM, 3 hours after my breakfast,thyroid med for hashimoto's and first dose of cortisones for addison's disease (hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone was started two years ago and I finally reached the proper dose for me in June 09. I also have celiac and had a lot of trouble with malabsorption for the past six years but that finally resolved except for hard to digest foods early spring of this year. The malabsorption probably explains the high dose of vitamin D needed to keep my levels in the 40's.

My bone density DEXA scans have been as follows:

2-13-06 (had stopped Foxamex due to no longer tolerating due to malabsorption)
L2-4 T-score -2.5
Left femoral neck T-score -1.7
Right femoral neck T-score -1.8

1-23-08 (On no meds for osteoporosis for the past year as could not tolerate)
L2-4 T-score -2.9
Left femoral neck -2.4
Right femoral neck -2.4

10-01-09 (Strontium stopped for one month before DEXA, Calcium stopped for two weeks before DEXA, BioSil stopped for one week before DEXA as recommended by my physician)
L2-4 T-score -2.8
Left femoral neck T-score -2.1
Right femoral neck -2.4

I suspect that my DEXA had gotten even worse between 1-23-08 and 2-01-09 when Evista etc were gradually started beginning 2-01-09, as I was not taking anything but vitamin D that year due to not tolerating anything until malabsorption had for the most part resolved. I am also allergic to dairy, soy, and yeast and cannot eat gluten due to celiac.
I am very pleased even with this slight improvement considering the dietary restrictions, and smaller doses of EZorb, Strontium, and BioSil begun one at a time since early spring and summer and taking hydrocortisone 30 mg daily along with fludrocortisone 0.1 mg 1/2 tab daily. I am gradually going to add second doses of EZorb, Strontium, and BioSil if my nutrition doctor approves when I see him next month. I don't know quite how to do the spacing with second doses of everything as I am taking supplements all through the day for celiac, etc. At present thyroid and 2 cortisones at 5AM, Breakfast at 5:30AM, Strontium at 8AM, BioSil at 11AM, cortisone at 11:30AM, Various vitamins and supplements with lunch at noon, EZorb at 3Pm, cortisone at 4PM, a smoothie with acacia fiber, chia meal, hemp protein powder, fruit, at 5Pm, various vitamins and supplements at supper at 7Pm. Maybe a second dose of Biosil at 6PM and a second dose of calcium at 8PM. I go to bed at 9PM. I am usually home from work at 2PM or so.

Thank you for all the information on this site, which is the reason I got started with Evista, EZorb, Strontium, and Biosil, as I was undecided what to do next and went for about 2 years without any medication after stopping Fosamex.
For the past year I have been taking EZorb, Biosil, Vitamin D, bone building minerals, and Strontium Citrate. I take the St C at least two hours after Ca; because if not, both inhibit each other. Any supplements containing both Sc and Ca probably are not optimally effective; as they cancel each other out. Perhpas that is why someone reported weaker bones after taking a very expensive Algecal supplement; because some Algecal supplements contain both St C and Ca. The company will probably state that other elements in the mix override the cancellation factor; however, I would be skeptical of that.

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