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Hi Everyone, I have osteoporosis, listed below is a article that I read that concerns me personally, I have to watch out for many of the side effects listed below. Right now it seems to be the choice of many for dealing with osteoporosis, I am hesitant because of my own experience with side effects on so many meds etc that I have taken over the years. It's hard to believe there isn't some side effects, it's almost to good to be true. For those of you that may have some side effects that are to minimal to bring to anyone's attention, but would certainly make a difference to some, I would appreciate any info you may have. Thank You so much for your help.

Strontium: I have not found a cell receptor for strontium (Sr) at this time, and to date, there are no
indications or medical evidence that strontium is essential to human health.

The action of strontium is closely related to that of calcium, although retention of strontium varies
inversely with calcium intake. Supplementing larger amounts of strontium increases calcium, but not
magnesium retention, and it has the potential to lower stomach acid levels, insulin, WBC, germanium,
fluoride, bismuth, and silicon. These effects should be kept in mind when considering strontium
supplementation in the treatment of osteoporosis.

In order to help increase bone mineral density (BMD), or for any of the above effects to take place,
over 1,000 mg of strontium has to be ingested daily (versus a few mg/day obtained through normal
food intake), and at those amounts, various medical problems may be experienced, which include
dental caries, rickets, abdominal spasms, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, skin irritation, blood clots,
fainting, memory problems, and seizures. As a result, strontium does not appear to serve any unique
or specific purpose that no other, or better tolerated nutrient could fulfill.

Similarly to iodine pills being somewhat protective in case of a nuclear accident, taking small amounts
of the (non-radioactive) trace mineral strontium may offer the same protection when being exposed to
the radioactive form of strontium. Some toothpastes that are marketed for "Sensitive Teeth" contain
strontium chloride as part of their formulation.
hi wildflowers, I too am very sensitive to medications and have tried taking strontium which only gave me headaches & nausea
I have for over a year now been taking silica with good results & have had best increases in BMD than with any other treatment

silica has no side effects because it is nutrition not medication , it is the basis for proper development & growth that includes growth of bone
silica is what creates & maintains collagen which is important in making up the matrix which calcium is deposited in , by taking silica you are giving your body the means to grow bone rather than just loading it up with a mineral that makes the bone appear denser on the dexa scan.

silica is found in common foods such as oats,millet,barley,wheat,potatoes ,but as we age we lose more silica than we can get from food which is usually so refined that theres little silica left in our foods anyway.
I have been taking therapeutic doses of 2000mg daily with no side effects
except for strengthening finger nails ,hair ,skin & that I can happily live with
do some research into silica for osteoporosis is the natural way to build bone
cheers myth

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