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I am a woman, just turned 50...went in for a wellness check & it was decided that it was time for a baseline BMD screen, as I am small-framed, 5-4" and 120 lbs, family history (but not at 50! yikes!), postmenopausal for nearly 2 yrs. Wellllll....I was truly blown away to learn that I have osteopenia of hips, osteoporosis of spine at 3.3. I am a nonsmoker, nondrinker, active (walk a vigorous/brisk 2 miles most days), and have the healthiest diet of nearly anyone I know!

Started on Citracal-D and multivitamin daily, and Actonel 150 mg. After one dose, I began within a day to have severe musculoskeletal pain, and this waxed and waned through the month. Dr advised that I can take no bisphosphonates, and was referred to a rheumatologist. Started me on Forteo, which I took for a month. Had some tolerable-but-uncomfortable symptoms of dizziness, mild nausea, appetite suppression, racing heart and palpitations. Was already nervous about the cautions/warnings of risk of osteosarcoma...after a month, my husband and I noted a scattering of bright red pinpoint dots over my trunk and thighs...which are/were not petechiae, but I think (from internet image search) are cherry hemangiomas..."What in the world?!"

When I called to report the symptoms to my dr, the message was taken, then a message given to me by the evaluation of my symptoms or discussion w/the dr was offered. She simply said I was to d/c and then listed other options (one, a bisphosphonate!), and I could call and discuss w/ her nurse. Hmmmmmm...

Hoping for better communication w/the new dr I shall see in a couple of months. How many of you find it hard to get connected w/the dr, rather than needing to leave messages and then have them relayed by the liason or nurse? That is frustrating to me.

My question: What criteria is used to decide what med to give someone? Is there rhyme or reason, or is it just hit and miss, try one and see how it works? Also, isn't there a window of significant opportunity which needs to be noted, early after menopause? From what I have read, this is the time of most rapid loss...wouldn't it seem that it is a time for aggressive efforts at bone bldg thru physical therapy or wt/strength training? What about dietary changes? Seems that doing all of these, even w/medication, would give highest gains...

Would be thankful for insights from anyone!

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