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Re: Strontium users
Jan 30, 2010
[QUOTE=phylwill1152;4174046]Hi Razz, when i started taking strontium 3 years ago i really didn't know much about it but learned from others who were taking it and did my own reading as well. At the same time i learned that in Europe and many other countries strontium renalate, Protelos, is the drug of choice for osteo. Since strontium citrate is the active ingredient in SR i started following the directions for taking it. Their recommended way to to take that is at bedtime on an empty stomach. Well, my stomach isn't always entirely empty, but if i do eat in the evening its something light like a fruit or a cup of tea. I recently read on another board that the best time to take it is an hour or so before breakfast. So, i really don't know what the best time is. IMO the best time is when you can fit it into your schedule and remember to take it. I have a bedtime routine that taking it fits into.

What kind of food are you taking it with? You may have to play with different foods to see which buffers your stomach best while the strontium is dissolving and being absorbed. Also, what brand did you buy? Is it just strontium citrate or are there other things added in too? Have a good weekend and if you think of anything else just ask. take care...phyllis[/QUOTE]

Hi Phyllis and all who are responding - Wow! I'm so impressed with the quick replies and obvious offering of expreience of you osteroposis victims. I was first diagnosed 7 years ago with an advanced number of -4.2! That number has only changed throughout the years for the very brief time that I agreed to take Fosomax. (15 mos) Yuk! The side effects were too numerous and I've been using eZorb ever since. I have always been atheletic and remain faithful to the gym and weight bearing as well as aerobic activities. Even my doctor said that I do everything right - but........... Anyway my scores are not improving so decided to do away with the eZorb and turn to the strontium plus a complex calcium recommended by a lady pharmacist, who wrote a book, along with the strontium. (The eZorb stopped my back pains immediately) I'm taking Doctor's Best (can I say that?). Today I will begin taking at night. Originally I took the strontium with nothing then took with a banana. Tonight I will probably sneak in a snack, without any calcium, prior to taking the strontium and retiring for the night. I will continue to experiment with different foods until I find something that satisfies my stomach while taking the strontium. By the way, I'm 73 years old and have no problems with my physical activities and for the most part feel great! I have no other ailments and am not overweight. Thank you all for your input. I so appreciate being able to share my feelings/questions with others who understand. Razz

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