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I think an xray can show dislocated ribs or fractured ribs. If the osteoporosis is in your ribs bone and is severe enough it can show up on an xray. If there is bone rubbing on bone then I would wonder if there is a fracture or else it could be happening at one of the joints. I suppose an MRI of the ribs could show osteoporosis but I still think that the doctor would give you an xray first.

I had some really severe rib pain where I was having trouble breathing. The doctor said that it could either be a fracture or bruised rib or could be a pulled cartiledge or muscle near the rib cage. I never had so much pain, I could hardly move let alone breathe. Whatever it was it healed in about 2 months. The doctor said that I could get rib series xrays but that would be alot of radiation exposure.
I was diagnosed with severely advanced osteoporosis in 1983 at the age of 38. I felt as if my bottom rib was rubbing on my hips and if felt like a side ache to some degree. At the time I was diagnosed I had had 8 1/2 years of back pain. I found out that I was experiencing multiple compression fractures in my spine and that I had lost 5 inches in height from 1967 to 1983. I ended up with spinal reconstruction in 2 phases, wore a body cast for 7 months. I haven't had any pain in my ribs since then. I did develop a pooch in my belly and blamed it on inactivity and earlier corsets I was fitted for to give my back support. Now I think some of that pooch comes from an enlarged omentum compliments of Dr. Oz. because I have been overweight since my last baby in '82 and enjoy sweets(sugar) entirely too much!

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