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My sympathy to you. I am white F, now age 63. At 38, with 4 children, ages 12-2, I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis. I presented with 8 1/2 years of back pain and at the point of seeing the right dr. had multiple compressed fractures in my back, a dowager's hump already appearing and like you, was throwing off a lot of calcium in my urine. Had a bone biopsy, and was finally diagnosed with hypo-phosphatemic osteoporosis. In a nut shell, that means my kidneys were unable to process the intake of calcium to my bone. For all but 3 months, I had been either pregnant or nursing during the entire 10 years prior to my diagnosis. I perceive that you are a male so I can't say this was the cause but I recommend you either contact an endocrinologist or an orthopedic surgeon at a teaching hospital. That's where I got the appropriate help. Are you losing height? From 1967, when I got married to 1984, when I was diagnosed, I lost 5 full inches in height. My best to you.
thank you for the response!!! iam just so frustrated doctor tells me iam a leaker.... ok why am i leaking????? got to be something causing it right or wrong??? i also was diagnosed with a cyst on my pitutary gland 1 yr ago... but all blood work shows its not causing any problems just sitting there..... i just dont get!!!!! i feel as if my hands are tied and i feel as if doctors dont take me serious..... my parathyroid horome was 24.7..... my vitamin D 69 and blood cal 9.4 i just dont get why iam urinating it :( are you now that you found the cause?? i eat very healthy work out 5 days a week...... rush was actually the hospital that diagnosed me with ostepenia and now my insurance doesnt cover them any more..... and all my back pain doctors say has noting to do with the osteo.....

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