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Hi all,

I've been on Strontium since exactly one year ago. Here are my new DEXA results. I cut the percent increases by 50% to allow for the Strontium (in parentheses):

My spine (L1-L4) is -3.0. Last year it was -3.3. That's a 4.3% increase.

My forearm (total radius) is -1.2. Last year it was the same.

My hip: Femoral neck mean is -2.1. Last year it was -2.5. No percentage calculated for me here and I can't do it !! :confused:

Total proximal femoral mean is -1.4. Last year it was -1.9. That is an increase of 7.7% (so really 3.85%).

My urine calcium and creatinine were both normal. My NTX was 53, down from 59 last year, but still too high (according to my Dr.) I did not go off the Strontium for 30 days before the DEXA scan as others have.

The very underwhelmed interpretation notes on the report refer to my spine as "stable" and the increase in my hip as "mild". I, however, am [U]very[/U] happy with my results - after years on Actonel with no improvement. I will continue taking the Strontium !!

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